I’m pretty sure she’s not from South Carolina but we found her (30 Photos)

You asked for her in the DAR, so we found her. WE know her name is Anri, if anybody has a last name, let us know.

  • mikey m.

    #37 holy mother of underboob

    • Paz

      Anri Sugihara

      Plenty of under-boobage.

    • Beeltebailey

      Hey CHIVE… her last name is Sugihari… check out Listal.com….

  • ♦K♦

    I don't care where she's from shes hot!!! #40

  • reggie

    i mean kudos guys. that body. amazing! but that face??? really…. #23 is what she actually looks like (Jet Li), the rest is the magic of photoshop and makeup

    • john

      Dude, you're pathetic. I feel sorry for you if you're able to look at that and think there's something wrong with that girl. Or maybe… you're gay and don't know it yet.

      • reggie

        hahaha ok lets resort to insults and gay jokes behind the internet screen of anonymity. im not gay, im happily married to a beautiful woman, i just dont get the whole asian obsession thing. ill say it, they all look alike. and like i said, i appreciate her body. its incredible to have that rack on a body like that with that ass. but her face in that picture looks exactly like jet li. google image him. youll see. and like all the posts chive and other viral sites have had with pics of asian girls with and without their makeup, this picture is the one showing her true face. the rest of them make her look pretty, but its all a smokescreen. but to each his own.

        • hiya

          I agree with Reggie, I've said on here a few times I don't think a girl is very attractive and automatically I either "don't ever get any" or "I'm gay"… which is very untrue because like Reggie, I'm married to a smokin hot wife. WIth that sad, this chick is not that hot at all. sorry

          • Nastee

            F***ing funny how on the internet everyone could say that a smoking hot babe is not hot to them, and that they've all had way better. 😀
            Oh yes. of course she is not that hot. At all.
            Every person could have a picture on which they look incredibly bad, so the bad one might be the exception?
            Until we see her in person, no one could know for sure what her face looks like naturally.
            Until then, I say she is smoking hot, and won't pretend like my girlfriend is hotter than her.

            • hiya

              Nastee, no pretending here. I will be going home tonight and banging my wife who is ten times hotter then this girl. You on the other hand will just be banging an ugly girl. You need to learn to pretend or close your eyes or something!!!

              • Lleamen

                He's not going to be the one closing his eyes. You are, so your boner doesn't get killed by the sight of your woman.

                I'm not usually one to join in these internet arguments, but when you come here saying that you've had better than his prime example of asian beauty, I have to disagree. Dude, I'm twelve and can see through your bullshit. You're not fooling anyone. And besides, even if you were this is the internet. Nobody gives a shit.

                On another note: Pics or it didn't happen.

          • Tony

            Does thinking this woman isn't beautiful make you someone we should all look up to? Should I think "Wow, he's a prince among men?"

            Putting down someone else doesn't make you someone to respect. If you don't have something nice to say, move on.

            • reggie

              Does thinking that I wrote something mean and pointing it out make you someone that we should all look up to? Should we all think "wow, he's a prince among men for pointing out other peoples faults?"

              Putting down someone else's comment doesn't make you someone to respect. If you don't have something nice to say to me, move on and don't bother typing it out.

        • FuckOff

          You put him down for resorting to gay jokes and then have the audacity to say "they all look alike?" Way to completely deflate any sort of argument you had previous to that comment d-bag.

          • hiya

            Hey Fuck off…Fuck off!

        • john

          reggie, quite a lot of men discover their true sexual tendency after they're married, even after they've had children. Perhaps you're one of those people – and unlike you, I'm not saying all gays are alike or anything bad about them. It's just that I believe only a gay man can think this girl is anything but breathtaking.

          So… get your wife a strap-on already, and discover if it's true!

        • George

          The whole "im happily married to a beautiful woman" … i dont buy it, I know your gay reggie, to bad your such of a fag to admit it, i love all women in all sizes and ethnicities and I believe this petite asian chick with great fake boobs and beatifull photoshop skin is flawless and I will gladly invite her anytime to a treesome with my beatifull drop dead gorgeous real wife

          P.S. If you can see Jet Li in #40 then you should tell your fake wife you gotta thing for asian guys, who knows, maybe shes into that and you all can have a nice experience

        • McBeastie

          Reggie, I hate to resort to name calling….no wait, I love resorting to name calling….you're a douchebag.

          • Jet Li


            This woman does not look like me. Asians don't look alike. You're just too fucking retarded to tell the difference, you racist.

    • Dirty Dingus

      This girl is the perfect example of why girls are so much more attractive when they smile.
      When she smiles, she's very cute/hot…but when she doesn't, she goes from a hard eight to a soft six.

      This is why this Friday's Chivettes promises to be the best EVAR!

    • Chelsea

      I heard Reggie's wife is cheating on him with Jet Li

      • Jet Li

        No thanks. If I wanted to feel what it was like to be inside a whale, I'd watch Pinocchio.

    • jack

      damit i rated up instead of down, so ill call you a dick instead cause im an internet tough guy!!!!

  • That Guy

    I wouldn't last 10 seconds

    • RiKo

      neither would i.. 😐

    • zym

      I wouldn't even make it inside. Not proud…just honest.

      • out of L field john

        That's cuz none of you ever and I mean EVER get pussy hahaha, fuckin losers

        • Mike

          Says the guy making fun of others on the internet…

  • Intern

    I love me some asians

  • Marco Cappelloni

    Her name for MOAAARRRR !!!!

    • bronkovotolato

      Anri Sugihara

  • Redd

    #28 is giving me some ideas

    • Frank M

      …butt sex or piggy-back ride?

  • whitey

    shes pail

    • wait what

      youre bucket

      • MikeyMate

        Tou-fucking-che my friend 🙂

    • Jeremy

      So many ways to go with this word usage.

    • P Diddily

      you're fale

    • becca

      fucking idiot

  • Chiver2099


  • V.A.

    Anri Sugihara. She's Japanese, and the holy grail of Asian boobie prizes.
    QED: #31

    • BobSugar

      I didn't know Jap's could have boobs like that fake or real… amazing.

    • mick

      Thank you Sir, you win internet +10

    • Nick

      Huh. So I'm guessing I'm about to make a lot of people excited.
      She's an AV-idol (i.e. pornstar).

      • http://dasdads.com sasdas

        you made atleat everyone in my dorm happy (23 people)!

    • George

      You sir, are a connoisseur

  • HoratioBoobles

    Name Chive? Not Jet Li like above.

    • Fuck Paula

      HAHAHAHA! Please tell me you Googled "Nude Jet Li!"

  • brent


    • EasternCanuck

      anri sugihara

      • JAFitC

        It's pronounced "anri" but it is spelled ann-lee

        • Tom

          Actually it's not spelled "ann-lee" it would be written in English as "anri".

  • DudK

    #40 Too hot, too hot… it burns! it burns!
    One of the best posts in Chive history. Anyone know her name?

  • Bryan

    Amazing! #4

    • mark

      Actually, this pic is the worst because it shows how bad the boob job is… I have lost faith that there really are naturally big boobies in Asia.

  • Pat

    PedoBear Likie!!!!!

    • ricky

      i think you meant "pedobear Rikie"

      • McBeastie

        no, he didn't. probably because he/she doesn't have to resort to the same tired old joke over and over and over and over again.

        • wintercoat

          He's using a meme older than the internet, your argument is invalid

  • Anonymous

    not hot at all

  • GoForth

    She'd be okay if she shut her mouth…probably has the most annoying voice/giggle.

  • HillBilly

    #28 Definately not from South Carolina. Otherwise this couch would be on the front porch.

    • P Diddily

      You mean Caronina?

    • Geo


    • bube

      Fuck you man

  • bob

    not hot

    • Pwndu232

      fail. epic fail.

  • Tean_Zu

    #21 Giving blue balls. She's doing it right.

  • da voice


    • bizzzzz


      • hMMMM

        Agree – why the thumbs down? That was funny…

  • slappy

    I smell a new feature in the making here. Tiny Asian girls with huge boobies. That's a winner.

    Make this happen, please.

  • Wolfram

    Very nice mix of cute and sexy. #7

    • з=(•̪●)=ε


    • Dude

      My favorite picture

  • Rion Axé Kelsey

    She reminds me of one of these chicks that looks great with make up but fucking terrible without.


  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke


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