I’m pretty sure she’s not from South Carolina but we found her (30 Photos)

You asked for her in the DAR, so we found her. WE know her name is Anri, if anybody has a last name, let us know.

  • ellipsis

    holy mother of all that is good and pure…

  • Zhanggg

    Her name is Anri Sugihara, Japanese gravure idol. Pretty common knowledge if you're into that sorta stuff I guess

  • Scolomb

    Pretty sure her last name is Sugihara FYI

  • Anonymous

    her name is sugihara anri, from japan

  • Anonymous

    her name is sugihara anri, from japan

    – fan

  • KevinLC

    #30…nuff said.

  • mkloubellamy

    Her last name is Anri Sugihara

  • duffman0313

    #34 And sha can have my last name if she wants to become an American

    • duffman0313

      She not Sha My Bad

  • F-oo

    Picture 4 has lard alert.

  • Trey

    she's look like JAV !

  • SHJ

    Where she belongs

  • sakura

    her last name is Sugihara

  • http://dasdads.com sasdas


  • Mading

    She's a Japanese Adult Video model! morons! as someone stated above…Anri Sugihara

  • play

    This is SUGIHARA. from men's weekly mag., from japan at book store.

  • alexis

    rica pero super rica

  • Anonymous

    Anri Sugihara is her name. Google is your friend

  • tt13

    anri sugihara

  • JAFitC

    Did anyone else notice that the T-shirt says South "Caronina," not "Carolina?"

  • DeathByCherio

    yes! hot asian(ish) chick!

  • pat

    She is Anri Sugihara, a bathing suit model. And she is stunning.

  • AtomManhattan

    She's no Reon Kadena, but I'll take her.
    #7 is sexy as hell…

  • Mark

    A quick google image search came up with Anri Sugihara as her name, according to http://www.shin-otaku.com/20091109024927-anri-sug… which also has more pics and a video, as well as links to some dvds she has for sale. Happy Googling!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Daigle/1333155397 Joshua Daigle

    I think that her name is Anri Sugihara a popular Asian model see below link

  • Chivish

    know how I know this post wasn't made by Leo?

    No 1930s style Asian racism.

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