• misschris

    The grape stomping lady at the end just never gets old!! I mean of course its kinda mean to laugh when people get hurt, but that noise she makes….! LMAO

    • mashplum

      It's "kinda mean" to laugh when people get hurt? Oooo, you were that close to empathy there. But you made it safely back. Continue LYAO.

      • Ken

        Well then, how about the choking sound the reporter makes when the little leaf-tailed gecko jumps on his jacket? That little harmless lizard couldn't hurt him. Can I laugh at the sounds he made?

  • nut


  • mtpuckhead

    The guy getting cracked in the head with the plane wing is insane. And the dude freaking out over the lizard jumping on him is classic. Thumbs up Chive.

  • TerryC

    Get, Get outer here, You get outa here, You Go!

  • Cmaloneus

    OHIO STATE!!!!

  • mashplum

    "Reporters sit up high on their lofty towers passing down judgment on us lowly civilians. In this video they get theirs…"

    Wow. Almost every word of that was wrong. Let me fix that for you:
    "Reporters stand in dangerous places gathering news for low pay and then give it away to us ungrateful civilians. In this video they are subjected to abuse that would cause most people to quit on the spot if it happened at their job."

    Remember that reporters are different than pundits. Glenn Beck sits up high on a lofty tower passing down judgment but reporters work long hours in the field and don't inject their own opinions. Remember too that reporters are not paparazzi. Reporters show up at events because they are asked to be there. They turn their backs to dangerous situations so that we at home can see the action and have it explained to us in the same shot. They don't get paid much – the average is less than what teachers make. But unlike teachers some become high-paid network celebs, so simple people assume they are all rich.

    Your attitude toward reporters puts you in the same category as wall-street criminals, Arab dictators, and Sarah Palin. Nice company you keep. (No, I'm not a reporter, I'm a teacher.)

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      No, reporters read lines off of a telprompter in stupid places. There is nothing noble about their profession. It is called "associated press." You are speaking of journalists. None of these people are anything close to journalists.

      Way to go with the criminal-dictator-sarah palin comparison though. Now let's talk about why teachers like you are paid to much for the skill set they bring…

      • mashplum

        I think you mean "paid too much." (A teacher's day never ends.) 😉

    • Twinpop

      I agree

      • mashplum

        You agree with me or with The Nozzle?

  • Sarah

    some of those were scary though… i hope everybody survived… can't see how the airplane guy could though 😦

  • Nick


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Bartley/77100504 Kyle Bartley

    Wait, Ohio state fans are jackasses? Who would have guessed?

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