The Cluny House combines nature and technology (13 HQ Photos)

The Clunny House (located in Singapore) used photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters together with design for passive cooling and cross ventilation to help limit energy usage (copy + paste). The house also has irrigation tanks and roof gardens to collect and recycle rainwater. What does it all mean? This house is nails. Both beauty and energy efficiency make it one of a kind.
These amazing photos and more at contemporist

  • poo dog


    • Terry Burke

      no one cares

      • (not really)

        I do.

  • Jak

    Someone could "accidentally" drown there pretty easily.

  • equalizermax

    How much for 1 night?

  • WTFever

    Cool house, need more tits though…

    • BOOBS

      This is the one and only time I have seen thumbs down for a tit comment. People must hate you.

      • Texan

        Just to damn funny

  • Ken

    Works for me!

  • Tee6

    That is one beautiful house!

  • OGMrWhite

    Im curious as to why he chose Singapore

    • aleXTC

      because its awesome

    • jason in pc


  • out of L field john

    Sorry Chive, this house is ugly. I go home to a way hotter house every night

    • Jordan

      you're full of shit.

      • Turd Smurf

        Shit you are full, no……

        • Turd Furgeson

          Stupid I am, yes…..

    • Grifo

      That was genius john;
      Shame so many people are missing your well played sarcasm.
      +200 Ups

      • out of L field john

        I'm full of around 2,000 porta potties worth of shit.

  • Diana Santos

    that's what i need today…so relaxing 🙂

    • A Diana Fan

      Bring back the picture of you in a bikini Diana

  • Wolfram

    #13 looks like a breeding ground for mosquetos.

    • chyeaaaa

      There's probably flow in the water which would take care of that. It's humidity that worries me.

    • Andrew Durand

      Mosquetos sound dangerous. Is that like a Mexican gang? I bet there are hella mosquitoes with all that water however.

      • Wolfram

        Thanks for the lesson. By the way, you forgot the comma before "however".

    • Marko

      My impression also…
      Actually, to live in this house you probably need high tolerance to insects of all kinds.

    • Eeevil

      More like a breeding ground for HOT ASS BITCHES….this house is a panty melter!!

      • SumaKoma

        I don't see any HOT ASS BITCHES there.

  • Stud

    Is the clear blue section of the water a pool?

  • rape kit

    dude has a weeds problem and not the good kind either

  • Tommy B

    This is the ultimate bachelor pad!!!

  • SheOnceBelieved

    Um….where's the technology….it's only a freakin house?

  • Jeremy

    Doesn't seem to be many pictures of living spaces or the technology. Just the pool and frog pond. Very appealing to the eyes though.

  • Dirty Dingus

    Cool concepts here, but not too practical. Cost savings of being efficient are eaten up by the cost of cleaning and maintaining the pools & plants. And do they really need 6 lights over an outdoor bench?

  • MigraineBoy

    I want to live there!

  • meh

    im sure they have nooo mosquitos

  • Someone

    For some reason all I can imagine is getting eaten up by bugs.

    I will stick with my apartment, thanks…….

    • BloodScrubber

      I was thinkin that. And spiders…have i mentioned how much i hate spiders? I'll keep the outside…outside.

  • Ben

    This looks like Dr. No's summer house

  • IRock

    "We've got a pool and a pond…..Pond would be good for you."

    • out of L field john

      you stheee the good thing about this schtuff is you can go out and play 36 holes on it, then take some home and get stoned to the bajesus


    oh yeah? BUT….would they drink their own piss?

  • gap

    i would like to see him try that in Canada.

  • Paul

    easy to be eco-friendly when your rich as sh@t

  • Hedgehog Johnson

    George Cluny is awesome. Not only is he a successful actor, but he also builds houses. Apparently.

    • Upitty MoFo

      Fuck George Clooney!

    • IRock

      "I didn't live my life in the right way for politics, you know," … "I f***ed too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that's the truth. That's gonna be my campaign slogan: 'I drank the bong water.'" – George Clooney

      • bubblerider86

        Fuck Yeah…Clooney for President!! B)

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