All you need to make a masterpiece is a box (16 Photos)

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet takes boxes and turns them into incredibly detailed miniature apartments featuring multi-level structures. The detail is unreal. More of Marc’s work HERE.

  • phalphalla

    What's with the submarines?

  • CDJ

    This guy really has a thing for Library's, Furnaces, and Submarines…

  • Box

    Step 1: Cut a hole in the box…..

    • uberbrie

      Step 2: put yo dick that box

  • I am Name

    That is incredible.

  • Brother Maynard

    Come on. We're waiting on sexy Chivers and you give a fucking cardboard box? WTF?

  • bigDog77

    Ok, so cool, but what is the point? Is he earning Government Grants?

  • mrjimmyos

    This is very cool

  • PWNT

    To all of the people who think this guy is a loser…. he has way more talent than you ever will and you're making fun of him while you sit at home on the internets. What makes you any better than a guy with a hobby it takes skill to be good at?

    • Brother Maynard

      That's actually a pretty stupid comment. For all you know Neil Peart, Payton Manning, or Michael Palin could be commenting.

      • Ken

        That make no sense Brother Retard.

    • RichXTC

      Your comments are all wrong, I sit at work and Troll, not home!

  • Elbow

    It has that eire darkness of a Tool video for sure (those are done by the guitarist I think). Very cool work IMO.

  • Corey

    kinda creepy…cool…but creepy

  • legoman

    This guy is very talented. I love that people sit here asking for "moar" on girls they do not and will not ever know, and even if they did will have no chance at. But when they see real artistry they say meh. What a waste. I appreciate this. At least he doesn't sit here being a stalker… great job man

    • Brother Maynard

      So how's the world look from your high horse there?

      Aren't you really just trying to elevate your self above everyone else? Asking for more pictures of attractive is some how beneath you, but just about right for all the brain dead masses. And I also strongly dispute your claim no one who asks for moar has a chance w/ and on the women on the site. Many female posters are girlfriends/wives of Chivers.

      That's nice you appreciate it, and there is no double it took a lot of skill and time to makes these sculptures, but for many of us on here we just don't fine it interesting. A pictorial on the construction of an F1 car, I'd be all over that. It might bore others who would probably who cares posts, and so what, half the fun of being here is making stupid comments on everyday and not so everyday stuff. If you like it great, but not liking it does not automatically make the rest of us Philistines.

      • Ken

        Wow – brother maynard – did this man molest you or something? And your comments that anyone who can appreciate the guys work are only on "their high horses" puts you right on your own high-horse. I agree that making dumb comments can be fun, and I often say "moar" on my own comments – but if I don't find something interesting, I will keep that to myself as I can respect that there are many posters like you who likely love to look at images from "The Brigade" and "The Throttle", still think Dennis Leary's "Asshole" is the greatest song ever written, and paid to see Jamie Foxx in Stealth – and I don't want to, nor do I need too, rain on your parade.

      • legoman

        Damn man, what is it ur time of the month? I find it annoying that people don't appreciate skill when they see it. I am not trying to elevate myself just stating an opinion. if you want to just make stupid comment fine. But don't trash other people's skill like most people did on this post. And no, if you are asking moar of a girl you don't know I am pretty sure she isn't ur gf and u wouldn't stand a chance with that girl even if u were face to face with her.

  • kent

    Um, you mean Stinkfist.

    There is no official music video for Vicarious.

  • sdfdes

    i tihnk it looks more like the sober video

  • markkens

    Vision and talent get no love here. Gotta put up underboob or a fine tush to be classed artistic.

    Thanks Bob, pardon our usually discerning Chivers.

  • uberbrie

    #13 awesome

  • B-b-b-bryan

    Kinda creepy.

  • Thatwasntthequestion

    Pretty cool…think of how long it takes to put those together. I agree that he should expand a bit…maybe make something with a little color and no submarine in it…but, hey, it's his art, not mine.

  • Ken

    Funny how many of you dorks posted "lame" or "dude needs to get a life" or "meh" when all you likely do is spend time sitting on the computer with one hand on the keyboard and another on your little packages. The artists possible eccentricities aside (he spends time doing these, the majority of you look at porn), its art and the point of this post was to find some appreciation in something you have likely never seen and is totally original. Dude likely has a lot more money, and more respect from his actual noteworthy peers (not losers like yourself). Can you recall how many people thought Van Gogh was nuts?

  • steampunk

    Amazing work!
    I challenge all you haters to build something … anything.
    … that's what i thought.
    This man's work may not be the appropriate "flavor" for this particular website, but it is still beautiful.

  • Bah

    I can't believe how mean the posts are here. This is some of the most original and amazing miniature-work I've ever seen. You guys are fucked up. I challenge you to create something this incredible yourself.

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