Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (32 Photos)

  • Apoennim

    #1 I had these sheets too!

    • Dena

      I'd love to find them again but I don't think my husband would let me put them on the bed 😦

      • Shitfaced

        Then your husband is lame.

      • DaddyD

        Divorce him and marry me!

    • Wade

      I had these growing up. I think I could find them if I tried still.

    • jewelsmight

      so did my husband! And now they are on our 10 years bed.

  • Random

    #8, #30 – yummy

    • DudeBro

      Goddamn I forgot how perky young breastses can be!

      • nipples

        That sounded creepy as hell. +1

  • The Guy

    #27 HAAAAAA!!!! You win!!

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

      aahahahha, besttt – good way to start a weekend.
      who did this?!?! xD

      • Amy

      • Amy

        No, not really.

    • Turd Furgeson

      That is the hardest I laughed all week.

    • red

      GREAT!! totally cracked up…Thanks!

    • http://twitter.com/Sameck0 @Sameck0

      I lol'd so hard with that one XD!

    • ColinZeal

      Fuck Yeah! My first entry was wildly successful!
      Everything went better than expected 🙂

    • ern23

      That's what I wanted to do, but lacked the motivation to do it. F'n Awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlackAlec Alec Gifford

    #4 #8 #21 These are a few of the many reasons as to why I love the chive.

    • bob

      good to see teachers in germany go with the time, when i was in school, they only read those ancient newspapers

    • Nick Ørtįž

      Alec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /agree with #8

  • Steve

    #26 vs #30. Tough choice, I'll take both!

    • Jakub Wrobel

      #30 for sure

      • http://www.facebook.com/craigweiss.sd Craig Weiss

        #26 – Win for the guy getting her to pick up his keys

        • Ryan

          You can actually see a little bit of her asshole(aka balloon knot).

          • Shitfaced

            Oh shit!! LMFAO – you got me chuckling at work my friend.

    • Phondo

      Of all the big fat asses the Chive guys show us (to match the big sloppy fake boobs) — I have to say this Lauren person has a wonderful, wonderful turd cutter.

      • Lauren Gentile

        Holy shit… funniest thing I've heard in a LONG while!

        Damn big thank you for that comment!

        • Jordan

          Would you marry me ?

  • Big E

    #13 ive found where i wanna be buried

    • Clamtastic

      #26 me too

    • maro radenovic

      Savannah, Ga FTW!!!!

    • Link

      Savannah Georgia

  • BigDingo

    Good lord do I appreciate #8

  • LDD

    #17 Last Supper crap is getting old. #26 is not

    • Shitfaced

      Agreed with the last supper bullshit. We get it, stop posting it.

      • Jesus

        I – for one – think it's pretty awesome.

        • Damn it

          Sorry I thumbed you down before I saw your name. Please forgive me – wish I could thumb you back up (not in a sexual way Jesus).

          • no worries

            got ya covered.

  • John

    #18 might be a year or two early for that…

    • DCMOFO

      Na. Just like easy math problems, you only do them in your head.

    • Jrock

      Holy shit i thought the same thing!! I watched that episode. Best looking girl ever on Jeopardy. Young yes, but empirically speaking she is beautiful

    • Sharky

      Hey, if she's got more braincells then the average 32 yeard-old that's gotta count for something don't it?

      • hass

        who is this dumbass pervert that wants more pictures of a 15 year old girl who was on jeopardy. Shes not going to have a bunch of half naked pictures on the internet you fucking pedo. That bitch was annoying as fuck anyway.

        • dave32891

          i guess that makes two people who are annoying then

      • rpk

        Have a seat over there.

  • Nick702

    #26 Thank heaven the dar was in HQ

    • MadMan

      Best advertisement for a website I've never heard of, ever.

      • -tj-

        wait, what advertisement?

    • crh

      I want to adjust her thong. And so much more….

  • http://twitter.com/yoyowhatsup @yoyowhatsup

    #23 Glasgow by any chance Great Western Road?
    #2 is awesome 🙂

    • Anna

      I know Glasgow right!? But think it's Byres Road not Great Western x

  • Catence

    Yes please! #3

    • Bryan Barbeau

      I would say the same to you! Whoa!

      • out of L field john

        new pic of the jugs catence?!?!? and why aren't you in sexy chivettes?

    • Captain Obvious

      I actually have a cabin on Mille Lacs. Well it is a big fuckin lake but still.. and this luck bastards on the north shore where ALL the kick ass walleye fishing is.. Thumbs for you my friend!

      • Charlie

        Man Mille Lacs is great but if you want the more social experience Gull lake or the overcrowded Lake Minnetonka is where its at.

  • Andrew

    STFU Frankie Boyle

    • Jak

      C'mon. That was funny

    • Barry

      Whatever, that shit was funny.

      • hamberleaf

        frankie is the man

  • BigDingo

    Also #26 and #30 remind me that all hump day posts should be in HQ. Hump day is second in epicness only to the wonderful Chivettes.

  • ISU Birds


    • LAbobcat

      thank god for barstoolu

      • -tj-

        thanks for that, good gallery! the splits against the wall rock…

  • aosux

    #8 Thanks again chive. #1 I have that! #26 just because

  • Shitfaced

    #1 I rocked the shit out of the pillow case when I was a kid!! Awesome to see it again!

  • out of L field john

    if I see #27 again I am going to kick a puppy! for real, 4th maybe 5th time this week come on

    • aosux

      I think this one pretty much ends it. I could be wrong though.

      • out of L field john

        I'm praying. I mean we get it. All disney movies have a subliminal message of the word sex.

        • out of L field john

          i mean i dont get what's so cool about it. these guys must be on a ton of blow. jobs like that are hard to come by

          • evan

            Someone doesn't get the joke.

      • ColinZeal

        the intention was to end it… sorry if it wasn't blatant enough

        • RealJerseyBean

          I thought it was sheer genius my friend, pissed myself

  • ted

    #24 god damn kids and your mtv!!!

  • The Guy

    #19 Epic. Take a look, it's in a book, Bitch.

    • 6655321

      Doesn't mention he was in Cameo's Word Up video.

  • Sydley

    #19 Any one watch Big Bang Theory last night "I'm done with twitter" lol

    • Andrew

      That show continues to impress me. Definitely one of the best on the air right now.

    • clay

      …and he was on 'Community' the week before.

  • hossmank

    #8 and #26 ROCK!

  • Mello-

    Numba # 26 … Ohhh sweet mother of jesus … LOOK AT THAT ASS …. sweeEEEEeet.

  • http://twitter.com/importantcrap @importantcrap

    #8 – Deserves her own gallery.

  • bigguy

    #8 thank you chive… for teasing me… i still cannot view the super hot beauty from work.!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING! perhaps a full gallery! – i asked nicely yesterday…

    • WordBoss

      She's featured on Barstool U – several better pictures as well

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