• http://betweendreams.posterous.com/ dean

    I think the people from USA don't like socker just because they suck in that game!
    It's just a excuse for terrible losers.

    • ramalamadingdong

      cultural…americans wouldn't like it even if we were winning. doing so would mean that we've accepted a foreign past time and that would be unacceptable…

    • kent

      Shut up, typical idiotic anti-American retard.

      Soccer is only the 8th most popular sport in the world and yet our national team is better than almost every European team. The US team is ranked 18th in the world, pretty impressive considering all of our best athletes play other sports. Countries like yours that are dedicated to the sport have worse teams. That's the real reason why non-Americans are so obsessed with the fact Americans don't like soccer. We don't care about the sport yet we're still better than most of the rest of the world at it.

      If it was actually as popular here as it is in other countries, our best athletes who play other sports would be on our national team and we'd easily be the best in the world.

      • Homey

        Kent, your response is typical of Americans when they are cornered. Blame the world and impose your will. Try leaving the US and you'll see what kind of hold the media in this country has on all Americans. The world isn't as scary as they would have you believe.

        • kent

          You response is typical of anti-American morons who are incapable of logic because your jealousy and propaganda-based brainwashing is basically the entirety of your being. Every single thing you say is insanely idiotic and hypocritical. You're not even a real person, you're just mindless drone proceeding through life like a jellyfish, just reacting purely on instinct.

          You didn't even comment on what I actually said, you just demonstrated the hilariously undeserved sense of superiority people like you have despite living in an inferior country. You're so retarded that you have to believe lies about the US just to have pride in yourself.

          Dean (who I imagine is in fact, you) said that the US is bad at soccer and that is why we don't like it. Actually, we're good at soccer despite the fact we don't like it. It's only the 8th most popular sport in the US, and yet we're in the top 20. Our team is way better than many, many countries where soccer is basically the only major sport. There are 7 other sports in the US of a higher profile that attract all of the best athletes in the US. If we actually cared about soccer as a nation, we'd easily have the best team in the world.

  • ramalamadingdong

    Why is handegg – love this new-found term – being compared to football/soccer? A better comparison would be rugby. Handegg is indeed the pussy sport when it comes to that. If anything, soccer/football should be compared to basketball – where every slap and shove is a foul

    • kent

      Rugby is a pussy sport because everyone pussy foots around. They don't have pads because they don't need them, not because they're manly but because their tackles are weak.

      Any rugby player would die in an American football game. The average rugby player is smaller than the smallest running back in American teams.

  • http://www.fitequipment.co.uk/ Fitequipment.co.uk

    Soccer forever

  • ramalamadingdong
  • Conor

    Yes, some pussies do play the game, just like some pussies play any other sport.

    Every sport has villains, this video does not take away that FOOTBALL, is the best and most popular sport on the planet.

    It takes skill, and can be played be people all sizes. So Americans, stop bitching about Football, your version is hardly better.

  • Libertariandude

    What do you expect? He's Chilean. I love Chile bit they have a reputation of nasty footballing.

  • BrownNote420

    wow…soccer fouls are even worse than basketball fouls.

  • true

    Sorry but he is right. SOCCER sucks and is a game for pussies. Also, fans of SOCCER are huge pussies.:)

    • Steeb

      sorry no….soccer isn't a game for pussies. PROFESSIONAL soccer is a game for pussies. check out a recreational league or something, there's no faking the injuries there, i know that one first hand. that's where you're gonna see REAL soccer

  • Marshall

    How?! How is this the world's most popular sport. If they aren't flopping around on the ground about injuries that didn't even happen they're faking them like this. I've tried several times to like this sport but damn they make it so hard to enjoy it.

    • Orgazoid

      I agree. I'm from Europe and I love soccer but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to love the game anymore because of the blatant cheating. It's embarrassing.

  • JonaThan

    i love FOOTBALL 😀

  • Sow

    I cannot be arsed looking at the rest of the comments but it's safe to say a proper English footballer would have just got on with it and not bothered about the so called "foul". It's just SOFT European football at the end of the day.

  • soccerisgay

    A soccer game is basically a half marathon worth of running with love taps on occasion that the recipient responds to like they were just shot in the spine with a railgun.

  • trev

    im american. i love both sports. this crap happens in every sport. just because the chive posts a video of it doesnt mean every soccer player does that crap.

    why couldnt they have just posted this one instead?

  • Straydog

    I know that is a douche move for soccer, but remember; the NFL has Jay Cutler.:S

  • Dre

    Yay, I’m Ecuadorian

  • Orgazoid

    American football is better than Soccer. No, Soccer is better than American football. It's not called soccer, it's football. Soccer is for pussys. You're a faggot. No you're a faggot. I hate America. Euro pussies are faggots. You're a dumb faggot. No, you're a fucking faggot…blah blah blah blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. WHO GIVES A SHIT.

  • a.i.

    although i'm a huge basketball fan over football (yes it's football and not soccer for you americans out there) and this guy it's a huge douche, how is this different with what bosh did to boozer the other night?? don't judge a sport by watching one moment of it.. oh and don't get me started with your kind of "football"

  • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo

    the game has always had its fair share of douche bags but nonetheless, its the greatest game of all

  • Anonymous

    This is what makes Soccer so awesome! They're not only athletes, they're also actors! That takes talent.

  • Anonymous


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