Friday Facts fit for the village idiot (10 Facts)

  • spunky

    Is it any wonder Hawaii, Vermont, Maine and Alaska are the most beautiful states?

  • Jake

    if you like shit like this check out

    great post btw chive! keep it up!

  • RGC

    picture 8 is uncle buck

  • MacnCheese

    #8 Uncle Buck. First thing I thought of when I read that was how he was trying to be smooth, chewing a tooth pick, with a black eye and trying to pick up the niece of the man that gave him the shiner. Flipping that tooth pick over and stabbing the roof of his mouth, lol!

  • TheJazz

    #10 How do ugly chicks get laid then?

    • Brandon O'Brien


  • andysniper

    i'm gonna name #8 Barry, although i was mighty tempted to name it Steve.

  • kris

    #6 uncle buck!!

  • LOL


  • Buck Melanoma-Moley Russel's Wort

    #8 is “pal” from uncle buck one of my all time favorite films

  • Richard Johnson

    #5 austin powers

  • Mike Litorus

    and in Arizona it's illegal to hunt or kill a camel, in Tennessee it's illegal to catch a whale in any river, lake or stream…..

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Buck. You’re Welcome.

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  • Always Last


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