I’m tripping over supermodels -Part 2 (27 HQ photos)

In case you missed Part 1 -click HERE

  • Stafferty

    #9 Dicker, don't mind if I do.

    • Thatwasntthequestion

      I see what you did there. Good show.

    • jason in pc

      nicest tata's on here!

  • http://www.thechive.com n1ghtstalker

    #1 God damn… Nice Rug!
    #5 Who knew being a gay looking pirate could get you one of these!!

    • sexualniner

      Damn you Orlando, you bastard.

  • matt

    decent but i will take my unbrushed chivettes any day

    • skuch

      What kind of comment is that? Ok we get it, u like regular girls that u cant get either. Got it.

    • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo

      damn straight, I look at these chicks and think, I'm not gonna bang them. Chivettes on the other hand

  • HankT

    #20…hot damn I love Alessandra, although #22 is giving her a run for her money


    Marissa #2 & slippage #6 FTW!!!

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    Pretty and all but….lets get back to reality….I'll never have any of these women in my bed 😥

  • Brain

    #9 #22 Love that hot red head

    • Pescado

      I'm pretty sure those are Cintia Dicker. I'm expecting a lot of jokes involving her name. At least the first one is, at least, #22 looks like she might be a different girl…

    • Jakehole

      Most definitely Cintia.
      My desktop:

    • Greg

      He name's on the fucking picture you idiot…..

  • Ace_Hood

    #2 She is my favorite super model ever

    • skuch

      Really, im thinking shes the worst one of the bunch

      • Ace_Hood

        Well you need to get your eyes checked, son.

  • The Spicy Italian

    #17 Daaaayum, that is one… dirty ass refrigerator

    • Avante

      Someone needs to give her some mr clean to scrub that shit down.

    • jason in pc

      something tells me you prefer the meatsa ballsa

    • fresh chedder

      theres a refrigerator in the picture?


    Don't get me wrong these women are awesome but bring on the Chivette's.

  • Bone

    #14 is actually not photoshopped…I like it

    • aosux

      She does not look happy to be sitting there but she is pretty damn cute when she is not happy.

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer

    #24 Hell yeah!!!

  • sully23

    #24. Not the hottest woman, but BY far the hottest pic! Yummy

    • Wolfram

      That's exactly what I was thinking! She's not my favorite, but this picture is.

  • Redd

    #24 and #26 do something for me

  • apple

    These bitches are hot, We love hot bitches

  • tdr

    #7 Really??? Could someone really be this far beyond smoking hot?

    • Ale


  • Marco

    #18 – She's just checking to make sure I didn't break it.

    • jason in pc

      i keep hearing, "do you see what i see" over and over again…

  • x_R3volv3r

    I wish #18 would give me a fuck

    • Someone random

      Not a single fuck was given that day.

  • bless1

    #4 and #24-smoking hot pics.

  • Fred

    who is #1?

    • JBNC

      Pretty sure that is Heidi Klum.

      • Henrik

        Heidi Klum = MILF

  • mullie

    #1 and #17
    anyone have names? I'd like to google them for more of the goodies.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emotionalgrace FOOKLUNKWILL

    My Oh My!

    • bud

      yeah i think milla jovovich has showed her tits on everything except for the chive. wait, nvm. i think i see a nip

  • Phil

    #27 tabarnak……

  • Cy the Cyclone

    I'd take the red head every time. #22 #9

    • adam

      I would kiss every one of her freckles GORGEOUS.

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 is ready for bed

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