I’m tripping over supermodels -Part 2 (27 HQ photos)

In case you missed Part 1 -click HERE

  • do it

    more chivettes, less of this mess!

  • DeathByCherio

    I know most of these are photo-shopped but I am still aroused.

  • http://twitter.com/Kchurch11 @Kchurch11

    #17 I think is Eva Herzigova

  • annoyingshampoo

    #26 Daaaaaaayyyyym

  • trekcycler

    #22 & #9 Ha ha, very funny guys. Where's the Cintia Dicker gallery already?

  • jmangus

    a supermodel post without any bar refaeli? sad…

  • adam

    #2 #10 By far the hottest AMERICAN supermodel gorgeous MARISA MILLER the SANTA CRUZ CA native way to represent not only the U.S.A but CALIFORNIA as well.

  • PWNT

    Sure these women are gorgeous, but a fat woman will give you heat in the winter and shade in the summer.

  • Daniel

    miranda kerr should get her own hd post =D

  • mtkb

    #18 who's she?

  • Stan

    #23 FIND HER!!!

  • Anonymous

    #9 #22
    Cintia Dicker FTW

  • Libertariandude

    #9 #22
    Cintia Dicker FTW

  • G55

    I like how the majority of these two posts are the Victoria's Secret models.

  • spunky

    They could all use a few pounds of meat on their bones.

  • Blockhead

    you know… I like the chivettes better.

  • tanukis

    part three please

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Louis-Yang/1803215488 Louis Yang

    i think the chive should start a DSM. (Daily Super Models)

  • Matt

    MOAR #1

  • kg71

    #9 HOTTEST REDHEAD AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cable Guy

    #22 God Damn! I need a whole gallery please!

  • Helocopter46

    #16 Let me put that back for you! Tuck Tuck, There you go.

  • Helocopter46

    #6 You too… Need some help with that. There you go, warm and safe! God I love the nipple hint!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #24 Is just what the doc ordered….But the chivette's got this shit beat hands down….

  • Ely

    Who is #8 Please

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