Kids friggin rule (20 photos)

  • rape kit

    #4 n00bs

  • ShakeyTheMoyle


  • matt

    kid in #9 sporting a bill murray shirt, awesome

    • Catence

      Bill fucking Murray. Awesome. haha

    • Wolfram

      Headcrab is at least equally awesome.

      • whitneysouth

        Just for the sake of argument. Head crab. Halo?
        No….Half Life.

        • Wolfram

          Um… not really sure what the argument is. But you're pretty so I'll go along with it ^_^

          • whitneysouth

            Ah hey well thanks.
            But I have friends who try to dispute that Halo coined the head crab.
            Not true. Half Life did… Way back in the days when playing a PC first person shooter was coo. haha

            • Wolfram

              Of course it was Half Life! Halo fanboys/girls are kind of stupid lol.

              Are you still gaming? Have Steam or PSNID? :p

    • bing

      headcrab wins over bill murray shirt

  • chrisdg74

    #4 – Hey Mortimer. If you kill that hooker, you can take all her money.

    • lordsandro

      They play on the first Playstation…GTA is for PS2.
      Know your game jokes. ;P 😀

      • chrisdg74

        The first GTA game for the PS2 was GTA3. GTA1 and GTA2 were on the PS1. You sir, have just failed.

  • Mike

    #21 right on chive, right on..

  • PoopIsFun

    Whoever wrote #15 is a genius


    #21 is just awesome.

  • Yeahbeer

    #21 Lol!

  • Mr_Rob

    #15 I KNEW IT!!! They can't be all "oh, look! I'm a Gyraffe! I'm soo cool with my neck and spots" and be good. They are mean!

    • johnny

      i thumbed u down for spelling

      • Tristan

        I thumbed you down for being a douchebag

        • naigoto

          I thumbed you down for no reason

      • Mr_Rob

        "I thumbed you down for spelling" would had been better, isn't? Just saying.

    • samalama

      i thumbed you down because giraffes are awesome albeit kinda stupid.

  • Redd

    #2 – What's up? Not much. Just hanging out.

    • Dave

      That is seriously the biggest douche ever who is laughing in the backround.

    • jason in pc


  • Grifo

    Oh $#!T, I dropped the Soap!

  • IRock

    #14 is Grandpa Asshole

  • Grifo

    I know one old dude that's going to end up in a home:

  • Dave my favorite place as a man.

    • ugh

      thnx cpt obvious, we "got it" from the poster. obvious url is obvoius…

  • Mayhem

    I love how the Chive just sticks their "posted at the Chive" tag right over the original one, hahaha.

    • Jules

      Claimed that picture like a boss 🙂

  • chris

    #1 is played out…seriously stop showing it.

    • bobsky

      Why is the guy that plays Ryan from The Office holding that baby?

  • Daris

    Show it fifty times….shit, show it every day…I'll still belly chuckle.

    • +blitzk

      That's John Fitch (yellow) & Bj Penn (white) this saturday >:)

      • Badfish

        Yeah sure, cause BJ Penn gets submitted all the time and Fitch is known for finishing fights.

        *super sarcasm*

  • BloodScrubber

    #18 And now used by alot of adults as well. Go figure.

    • @valorikx221

      Love that picture.

  • Bryan

    FTW! #21

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 – lookes freaking cool 🙂
    #17 – is the best

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    nah… needs more beer

    #21 your gettin there, kid

  • Rich G.

    #6 Submission Win

  • Diana Santos

    #awwwww ❤

    • Diana Santos

      #7 sorry :$

  • nojoke420

    #8 "Nacho cheese…nacho cheese. Thank God Almighty we have nacho cheese."

  • Poop

    #20 Rock On!!

    • Philo

      Had me rollin' . . . .and Rockin'

    • Kyle

      lol this is the exact face I still make when rocking out an air guitar solo.

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