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  • PWNT

    Good for that hospital. No one could be more deserving.

  • riverjns1234567

    #18 and #19 wow

    • Aussie Pride

      18 is Holly Valance, google away my friends.

    • Tomatso

      19 needs a burger

  • Phondo

    #1 There he is. The biggest American myth of the last 100 years.

    • armyabn

      Hard to recognize goodness when you have hope and change crammed in your dumb ass, sadly.

      • Hypno

        Your reply makes zero sense. That's like saying, "It's hard to be happy when you see nothing but sunshine and smiling faces." I know what you were trying to say, but you failed horribly.

        • tised

          your reply to his reply makes no sense; there's been plenty of days were sunshine and smiling faces pissed me the #%$ off!!! your post didn't exactly brighten up my day, either!

  • Jesse

    #31 how can that be old? Acu's have only been in the field since 2005. And it took almost 2 years for all units to receive them.

    • Ass Grease

      Seriously? Find a hobby.

  • Marty

    #1 Reagan was an absolute tool. Thanks for dismantling the middle class, you doddering idiot.

    • Abe

      Way to know nothing about history Marty. Under Jimmy Carter "stagflation" hit the economy hard, as energy shortages, slow growth, escalating inflation and very high interest rates sapped the economy. He almost destroyed this country. Reagan reversed all that. But, they won't teach you that in school. Because teachers need tax and spend liberal Democrats to keep giving them more money and benefits (See WI).

      • Cap

        You do understand Abe that "stagflation" was the result of outside economic forces (hello OPEC) and while Carter wasn't the most effective he didnt cause it as your statement indicates. Rather it was Regan who took a balanced budget and created a then record deficit with his Voodoo economic theories. Not only that the Regan WH was the most corrupt in recent memory – or is illegally selling weapons to the Iranians to fund an illegal drug war acceptable? The only reason Ron stayed out of prison is because a blind patriot, North, took the fall rather than holding his government accountable.
        BTW – the WI unions are willing to take a 8.5% pay cut, they just dont want to lose their collective bargaining rights. Take a break from Fox news eh?

        • Nameless

          Coming into this one a little late, but who's giving weapons to bad guys now? I give you Obama, Eric Holder and ATF's Operation Fast and Furious– letting over 2000 guns walk into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Responsible for multiple deaths and crimes, including the killing of a Border Patrol agent.

  • matt

    america fuck yeah

  • Byron

    Love the St. Louis pride in this post.

  • Derek

    I'm sorry to deviate from the somber nature of the post but, holy hell, who's #20 ?

    • Nekrom

      It's Nicky Whelan, Google her.

      • Stevo

        bless you sir 🙂

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  • Charming Chanler

    #41 and #42 are my brother and his military brothers! thanks brigade! you made my day. i can't even tell you how much 🙂

    • Rick

      thank you for sending the photos and coming to the site

  • pyrosis

    Find #20 please.

    • Nekrom

      Nicky Whelan. You're welcome

  • Gargamel

    I am saddened and deeply offended to see Ke$ha draped in an American flag. Please remove this picture from your post, website and if possible, the entire internet.

  • RicoSan80

    #18 and #52 FIND THEM PLEASE!

    • Johnny Bloom

      #18 is Holly Valance an Aussie Hottie. Chive on from Sydney!

      • RicoSan80

        THANK YOU! My Google search engine has had it's work cut out for itself since I read your response.

  • Fign

    Even though I am not American I would like to say that all those hate mongers should take a look at #62 and ask themselves whose country would do the same : to protect locals from their own crazy bastards. You guys should be proud of your soldiers, PERIOD.

  • Shogun

    sooo where can i find #10?? great audio clip to go with the great pictures, chive on

  • jake

    #15 R2-D2 got hardcore since the last time I saw him

    • Chase

      it's called a CIWS, close in weapons support, (aka R2D2) it is used on amphibious assault ships and carriers and is completely unmanned. the dome is a radar detection and tracking system that catches anything coming towards a ship at a high velocity be it missile, torpedo, boat, or plane. it automatically detects, locks on, tracks, and fires on them once they break a predetermined distance. it has a 20mm gattling gun that fires tungsten slugs and also an AMRAMM missile launcher.

  • asdf

    #45 specialist forever

  • John SImmons

    Glorifying war is shameful- woo! titties! yeah! guns! kick ass!
    I am speaking for myself and most guys I know in the service- we are ashamed of these kind of antics.

  • The El Conquistador

    #60 Thank you.

  • Alvav

    Eeeew, why? I thought the point was to uplift our troop's spirits not give them nausea and gonorrhea. Gross.


    • rpoy70

      Did they not know this was Kesha when the posted it?

  • Skedaddle

    #18 & #20 seriously FTW. MOAR!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #10 #44 all day long and we should have a flag day…hehe….

  • USAirman915

    #44 if that was anyone else other than Ke$ha…

  • krbranst

    7 brings back bad memories of crushed testicles.

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