Back by popular demand, douchebags (28 Photos)

  • damon

    #6 what is that thing on the left?

    • paul


      • OneClownShoe

        Whatever it is, someone left it in the oven for too long.

        • ThisGuy

          He is tanned for a bodybuilding competition. Yes, it looks ridiculous when your not on stage, but that's what you have to do, so you don't get washed out by stage lights.

          • OneClownShoe

            Oh, I didn't know…because I'm into women and not male body builders.

          • naturboy

            He is tanned for a bodybuilding competition. Yes, it looks ridiculous. Fixed it for you.

          • TeamAmerica

            He is tanned for a bodybuilding competition. He can't get his dick up anymore (not that he needed to…)

    • Spoons

      greased up deaf guy!

    • Spleenforsoul

      Maybe he's trying out to be one of those dancing/singing California Raisin things.

  • Zee

    Can't get any gayer than #18

    • Joben

      well they still have pants on…tho I agree it is very gay it can always be gayer

      • HankT

        Yeah I bet that pic was taken just before the ghey started…

    • DCMOFO

      They have nothing on Twilight.

    • amrith777

      I wonder if they realize the origin of 'flipping the bird' is an insult meant to represent a cock and balls?

      • WRONG!

        not true.

    • jomomma2k

      this is the new armed forces recruiting poster

    • @141characters

      most who revert to gay bashing actually have homosexual tendencies themselves. just saying.

      • Freddy

        Most people who quote bs statistics don't know what they're talking about. Just saying

      • AAAAAAH!

        I am gay and I think this pic is gay as fuck….. just sayin.

    • + blitzk

      really? #19

      • lolol


        • Spleenforsoul

          Fag, and on top of that, walking around with the word "legend" misspelled on your chest. Classic, douche.

  • Thisguy

    all of them are giant fags

    • @141characters

      homophobe. using homosexuality as an insult makes you a douche.

      • meh

        Hey 141, just cuz you're gay doesn't mean you can accuse everyone else of being one. Unless you're a lez, then I think it's hot.

  • Drew Chavez

    ledgends? bahaha

    soo damn close to being perfect, lol

    • B-Rad

      If you notice the dude in #26… I've got bad news for you!

      • CalculatedRisk

        There's a dude in #26?

    • danny

      Im danny and find that girl please

    • Maurice James Girvan

      I take it "Ledgends" are the ends of ledges?

      • AWK

        heath ledgends? ha ha

  • Matt

    You know what sucks? The guys (who aren't hanging all over their boyfriends) have GIRLS hanging all over them. Seriously, girls, WTF? Can you please STOP rewarding this crap with your attention? Next time I hear "Why are there never any good guys out there?" I'll send them to this page–"Because it obviously doesn't matter if a guy's a douchebag!" And then they mate.

    • Brad

      dude, you don't want any of the girls who like this stuff. they are vapid, illiterate, dumb, gold-diggers who only care about being seen in the VIP area at the club. None of us could stand 10 minutes alone with any of them…

      • Bree1912

        Couldn't have said it better myself. You don't want to be with a girls that hang out with these dudes they have no substance to them.

    • dean

      a lot of girls like this for the same reason a lot of guys like whored up hot girls with big tits and thin waists, it shows effort on the guys' part to look good, and when you work out and have a good body, you have a lot more confidence.
      it's easy to hate on these guys because, well, a lot of them look ridiculous, but to a lot of girls, a confident douchebag is a lot more attractive than a nice wuss, even if they are good looking.
      not really defending these guys, but guys tend to stick with whatever gets them laid, and sadly, this works on a lot of girls.
      how many chicks do you think the situation and pauly d pulled in even before the show? a lot more than me, that's for sure.

      • Steeb

        and that is the unfortunate truth for most of us guys….but i'm okay with that lol

        • shannon

          quality vs quantity, just remember that. Think about the cesspool of stds you're avoiding! Natural selection will eventually take care of this problem.

  • big meech

    #26 made this post totally worth it

    • Wolfram

      Yeah, showing off her silicon titties is great…

      • xxx

        if you can grab'em, they're real…

    • Jimbo_slice

      ya dummies… silicone is not silicon

    • Mike Engler

      please find her!!

  • davey

    showing anal probes.

  • Jon

    #26 Lets see 'em!

  • Brad

    Cut out the diesel douche on the right and that's a pretty nice underboob, too bad they probably belong to a douchette…

  • Dan

    #7 is Arch Douche of this post

    • Eeevil

      Im pretty sure that chick played the role of gray scary alien in the movie Signs! WTF is that thing??

    • Dave

      I sended this pic, this is a guy I went to school with, he was a looser so he started training. He wanted more cash so he started working in gay club. The girl is probably a dude. Whatever, he was a looser, now hes a douchebag.

      • skuch

        Sent. Loser.


    • Steeb

      this picture scared the shit outta me! douchebags i was ready for in this post…but freakish alien looking meth head whore?? no that surprised me….

  • ISU Birds

    #18 They are trying so hard not to kiss in the picture.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      lol!!!! ^ win

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #6 #18 for sure fags…

    • micko

      guy on the right is gunna have a brown nose after that night , gayest fags ever !!!!!

  • Diana Santos

    #18 they probably will stick those fingers in each other..mouth? ^_^

  • JMartin

    #18 – You know how I know you're gay?

    • @141characters

      and what's wrong with being gay? tolerant much?

      • Six

        Ok you are gay, we get it… actually, you get it!

      • UPHILL


    • Jared

      Butt secks

  • Holmespump

    Who demanded this?

  • 123RoastHim

    I've never seen myself as an incredibly intelligent person, but after attempting to comprehend whatever is written on #9 I feel like Einstein.

    • IronEagle119

      Serious Bodybuilder??? WTF I weight 139 and bench more than him, he has me in deadlift by about 50#'s this guy is a joke physically and mentally.

      • Phil

        I think he said he benches 400, and deadlifts the same, if you can bench 400 im very impressed

  • Skedaddle

    Drown them at birth and be done with it.

    • @141characters

      you probably think you should kill the jews while you are at it? damn fucking stupid thing to say. damn fucking stupid. F for fails at life.

      • Six

        Is it your first time at the internet? You should`va taken the redpill dood.

  • XOS2

    im so pissed after looking through these….FAIL..on my part for payin attention at all!

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #7 – that chick… not a chick………and i think the douche knows it

    • Dave

      Your right man, see the reply I just post just before, this is probably a dude. No kiddin, he deserve what he got, propably the King of douchebag

  • dave

    why the constant need to take off or lift your shirt? Also, stop with the stupid hand signs already, you or no one else even knows what they mean anymore.

  • Wolfram

    Not sure #10 qualifies here, but otherwise talk about a douche overload.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      yes, yes he does. white boy dreadlocks do not eradicate clear douchebaggery.

      • Wolfram

        Nah he looks like a fun stoner dude. The girl tho could be a douchette.

  • Carleton



    • GOP-ness

      James, I only have one word. it's made up. douche-pocalypse. Oh, and this already went out to the GOP alums.

    • Wayne

      hey, that's cadillac man! wtf is that about???

      • ntuttle42

        It looks like someone drew on him with a sharpie.

  • yoav^^^

    #3 accidental boob! YAY!

    • my5tika1cll

      Spray on 6 pack……..Check
      Momma rubbing tummy………Check
      Coolness achieved…………..FAIL!!!!!

    • Amy

      it looks like Gia

  • Ron

    Back by popular demand? Really Chive? I think I speak for a lot of people in saying BAN THESE POSTS!

    I do not understand why douchebags get so much attention and posting over and over again on this site just adds to the attention given to them. Stop giving them attention. I do not understand why filth like Jersey Shore is so popular either. That show should never have been allowed to air. What has our culture come to?

    • @141characters

      the same reason scumbag steve gets so much play. we like train wrecks. just go with it.

    • jay22

      If you do not understand why Jersey Shore is so popular you have not watched it.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    I finally made the Chive!

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