Back by popular demand, douchebags (28 Photos)

  • Elbow

    Which one takes longer to do their hair??? #27

  • JoJo

    #18 Its the Ambiguously Gay Duo!!!!

    • @141characters


      • johnny

        are u one of the gays, i mean guys in this pic? u seem to be too eager to defend douches with homo tendencies which leads me to believe u are either gay yourself or not straight and in this gallery gay-ing it up

      • Kotlet

        Come on, this one IS the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. They do look gay and it is funny. Not because they look gay, but because they are failing so hard at looking macho and cool. I would laugh just as much at women, queens or cats managing to fail this bad at whatever they do. Equating humor to gay bashing while missing the point by a mile and resorting to calling people names as a result – not OK.

    • Gabe

      Not ambiguous. Confirmed, by the picture.

  • TylerV

    YES! Thank you Chive! These pictures make me feel better about myself 😀

  • hardcorepaul

    #27 have matching chins…

  • sceneitb4

    The only reason for the girls around these guys is they are bait to lure other potential d-bags in. Then it's time to compare muscles and the evening goes down hill after that…

  • WTFever

    Please bring back Scumbag Steve

  • Mark

    Could we get moar of #26 without the d-bag?

  • guest

    PULL YOUR GOD DAMN PANTS UP! that is all.

  • Ava

    #4 for his sake, i hope thats written with a Sharpie.

  • Urban

    #20 that dude on the right. LOL!

  • crabman

    So painful to see so many douchers in one place at the same time. All walking examples of the primeordeal slime that man evolved from. They, unfortunately, stayed in the slime pool.

  • HankVatican

    #3 Fucking bell…

  • Lida

    #26 Who minds?

  • Matt

    #26 she wins

  • Heyooo

    26 more lower back problems less dbag

  • ugh

    by popular demand I doubt. i can't stand these flipping people. it's funny for a pic or 2 and just so sad from there on out. What goes on in their mind, ionno…

  • ugh

    #20 i want to curb stomp him so bad….

  • John

    Douche Bags, everyone knows one.

  • Harry Wyckoff

    Some of these DBags are lejen… no, legand… no…. legend…. no, that can't be right…..

    I know… they're LEDGENDARY!!!!

    Oh, poor DBag… his own illiteracy stamped round his neck for life.

  • tkbaha

    if we are all descendants from apes then these guys definitely should have stayed on the trees

  • rodrocks

    Total F'n Douchfags, all of 'em!!!

  • andrew

    #9 This douche says he can bench 250, i know 16 year old kids that can bench more than that

    • Gabe

      Sooo….you work out with 16 year-olds?

  • BloodScrubber

    Exactly. I think I threw up a little.

  • Bret Van Arsdale


  • Guest

    Friggin' morons!

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