Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • cory

    #36 is a weapons-grade ass

    • Awkward

      Somehow I want to say "fire away" but that doesn't seem right.

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        Sir, I believe you mean "spank away". Hubba hubba!

    • Thatwasntthequestion

      #49 is too.

      • Han's Solo

        I missed those #45

  • parlay

    #15 – good samaritan

    sorry, great samaritan

    • 2DruNk2FraG

      1, 2, 3 … YOINK!

    • IronEagle119

      That shite looks like salad vomit!

      • Fritz

        I wish there would be more of #44

  • danny boy

    #25 could use a caption, chivers

    • salad days

      wanna see my kitty?

      • Don_Aguelo

        I wish there was something worse than thumbs down for your comment.

    • Urban

      Her belly button has a mouth. Weird.

    • Niitsitapi13

      shit, i thought spring break had naked women. oh well, it is sea donkey season.

      • Don_Aguelo

        Shit, I thought salad days' comment was retard but you just beat the crap out of him. Congrats, Sloth.

    • Tittay luvr

      are you hiding my titties in there?

    • Sdranem

      "the doc said to air it out but I want your opinion, Does this look infected to you?" =/ 😐

    • JAFitC

      "It was here a minute ago!"

    • yellow01stang

      How did this hairy clam get in my bottoms?

    • bbqoobs

      No, that's a cracked thing. Though it has been dying over there lately.

    • hamanahamana

      How about "BOOBS"?

    • Danny P

      "What the fuck is that" – Tweeter (Varsity Blues)

    • Cudaman

      See, nothing like that blue waffle!

  • Random

    #18, #19 – godspeed Chive, godspeed

    • YNoAndroid?

      theChive – y u no have app for Android?!?!

      • crh

        Yes do add for Android!


      • Randy

        +1 for Android!

      • Taylor

        Android users – y u no get iphone?

        • Sitting Guy

          cause it sucks!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vince-Weaver/100002059474696 Vince Weaver

        Y U No realize iPhone format sucks? Android is future, Apple is rotten.

    • IronEagle119

      Y U NO RDP to home PC and then browse what ever you like…

    • schango

      Dido on the Android App.

      • Ron

        I think you mean DITTO.

        • schango

          like i said "dildo"

    • Shogun

      I do hope its Super Free too

    • KBizzle

      DROID APP!!!!!!!

  • Roscoe

    How long did you stare at #44 before you realized he wasn't going to turn and stare at the camera?

    • Stretch

      3 hours, 26 minutes

      • http://www.facebook.com/bmignaco Bruno Mignaco

        like 15min.. that's hilarious! I thought I was going to be the only one..

    • Question

      Have you seen this movie?

      • zzz

        yes… it's pretty damn cool imo

      • GK-4

        What movie is it?

        • Sitting Guy

          o brother, where art thou? great film

          • aosux

            "Well, I don't want Fop, goddamn it! I'm a Dapper Dan man!"

  • eroon

    #41 oh hey there

    • cheezwhiz

      oh herro!

      • douche

        oh hai mark!

    • Ny.Wolf



    • HerrMann

      she is Carla Ossa

    • Billy the accountant

      Her post on the chive is the second website when searching her name.

  • Horatio

    #18 and #19
    That's great, now what about the Android?

    • eyeguy

      Android App would make my day

      • Beejay

        Why do you need an app? The Chive mobile website shows up perfectly, tested on G1 and G2, no app needed.

        • crh

          The mobile code blows. Stop sucking.

          • Beejay

            Your mom blows, but I'll let her continue sucking.

            • crh

              My mom is dead and you eat pieces of shit for breakfast.

        • Justin Sargood

          the mobile site *works* but it's not that great either

    • Randy

      +2 for my other android (work phone)

    • horatio's mom

      why bother ? just get a iphone for christs sake

      • Phil

        iphone's garbage, it doesn't even have flash

      • Stigma222

        Swallow a Knife

    • Jose

      Or you can just fix your mobile website and no need for apps? what about that

    • KBizzle


  • Urban

    #8 Chive you're the best. Take some time off damnit!

    • Yawn

      I am sure they will, now that you have expressed your approval.

  • de la Vega

    #49 so yummy.. B)

    • todd


    • Dirty Dingus

      #49 O M G

      I think the internet just broke.

      • simon

        might wanna double check that noise wasn't your penis.

    • carlos

      who is she??? MOAR!!!!1

    • Motte

      Does anyone else think it's creepy when people comment on these types of pictures with the word, "yummy?"

      • zzz

        …unless it's a girl who comments

    • Randy

      Forget the android app. Just give me more of this 🙂

    • milly

      Georgia Jones?

  • D.C

    #14 Safe to say whoever said that is pretty embarrassed now

    • Don't Get It

      Why should Jeff Giles be embarrassed? Clearly, back then, he had good reasoning for saying that. If he said it now, it would be embarrassing.

      • Phondo

        Good point Jeff.

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      M. Night Sucksalot has always been an awful director!

    • Motte

      I think this dude gets a bad rap. Why all the negativity towards him? The guy makes decent movies…Signs, 6th Sense, Village, hell…even the Happening wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said. Meh, whatever…

      • Stevo

        The Happening was indeed as bad as everyone said, you just have low standards.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      this is the problem with starting out as a genius: you can only go downhill after that. M. Night had an awesome start, but based on that his career plummeted swiftly into the depths of oblivion… *gulps down last dregs of beer bottle*

    • Joe

      There has to be a twist to this

    • Gabe

      Oddly enough, there was a moment in time where this was true.

    • GK-4

      late 1990s "After Tobacco: War on Big Fat"
      mid 2000s "Childhood Obesity is a Disease"

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yeah the last airbender was his latest heap of garbage. He'll be directing porn in a couple years.

      • Biggus Diccus

        Oh and airbender 'won' 5 razzies, good job

  • Smithers

    #49 helps more i think

    • BooomboXX

      #43 helps more I think

  • Finster

    "She touched my pepper, Steve…" #11

    • T.T. Tiger

      Hey Steve, I got a wallet!!

    • The Oscar

      enough with the damn "under appreciated movie" bullshit. there are a shit load of under appreciated movies – get over it.

      • Finster

        you're so cool.

    • Urban

      Pizza…I like it!

    • Ryan

      The quote is "she touched my pepe, Steve." not pepper, but that is funny.

      • Finster


        • http://twitter.com/ShantoLIVES @ShantoLIVES

          what"s this called

          • Crazy Pills

            It's called Multiplicity and it sucks ass like no movie has sucked ass before, normally I agree with the underrated movies here but Jesus Christ this movie is bad.

        • uradouche

          You're a huge douche, just thought you should know.

    • brosephat

      its peppy…

    • Paul

      Awesome movie

  • hater

    The Chive,
    You're doin' it right.

  • Brother Maynard

    #49 Yes! That's some natural beauty there.

    • Jen

      natural BOOTY

  • Niitsitapi13

    11, no. multiplicity blows

    • banner

      prepare to be thumbed down to the 7th circle of hell

      • Niitsitapi13

        prepare for a life of loving second rate movies. let me guess, the last airbender was your oscar pick for best picture.

    • Niitsitapi13

      my gift to all, even if it just serves to jog your memory. see bachelor party

  • Zander

    #49 I do believe I'm in love. Now to only find her name…. If only there was some website that could do that?

    • Google

      Yeah, and It's called Google. Let me know when you find her. Thanks.

      • Dirty Dingus


    • Lion-OFace
      • Lil Jon

        I'll post a link to a NSFW porn site. Bitches love NSFW porn sites.

        • Anonymous

          I found her Secret Place!

      • Wolfram

        Wow… ok don't find her. Yikes. Man face.

        • Sid

          Yea, wow. sad.

    • Niitsitapi13

      what? stalker.com?

  • Wolfram

    #11 FFS, stop with this "underrated movie" shit.

    • HankT

      FFS is an underrated abbreviation!

    • banner

      here's the thing. Multiplicity actually is underrated as hell. Secondly, this is the DAR, one of the most clever posts on the internet these days. i think the author knows exactly what he's doing imho.

      • Wolfram

        Fuck that. Multiplicity was mediocre and these "underrated movie" posts have been popping up it seems like every day.

        • Dan

          There is an afternoon every day.

  • HankT

    #26 Sieg Heil

    • Smells like eggs

      Thumb up for cleverness – thumb down for Nazi reference. Net zero thumbs.

    • Niitsitapi13

      swing heil

    • wait what

      i was kinda thinkin charlie chaplin

    • Dumb

      When did Hitler wear a manacle? Clearly it's supposed to be Chaplin.

  • HankT

    #49…That is just fucking spectacular on all counts…

    • Jen

      I wanna SMACK IT!

  • dustin

    I lol'd at #45 way more than i should have

    • Weird

      Even worse… it kind of turned me on.

    • John

      My wife just had that "Good idea" look in her eyes….

      • Cord


  • Wolfram

    #41, #49 – hotness

    • Yawn

      State obvious, get thumbs up.

    • Ny.Wolf

      Completely agree, need to find both!

  • http://www.facebook.com/petewhip petewhip

    #41- Stunning.

    • LukeSkywalker

      Find her!

      • itbuzz

        MOAR of her!!!

  • Cds840s

    How about a WebOS app? Come on with pleazing the nerds out here.


    I get so sad when DAR is over, but I always look forward to it.

    • (>^_^)>

      DAR. Y U NO last forever? D:

  • joe

    #40 Tonight…… YOU!

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