It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

For more check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • HawkPilot

    #25 Hell yeah Dr. Horrible!

  • Dan

    #25 was a great movie.

  • Anonymous

    (3) Snickers Commercial

  • TheAbeVigoda

    #7 You're a fan of Big Bang Theory…your argument is invalid.

    • amrith777

      You're obviously NOT a fan of Big Bang Theory–therefore YOUR argument is INVALID.

      j/k seriously..check it out…it's a funny show. :0)

  • The Knowledge

    #5 Oh what the fox-hat?

  • John

    #11 Boondock Saints much?

  • HANK

    I'd actually find that very entertaining to see you punch him and then he'd break you in half with one punch

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  • PWNT

    The Big Bang Theory is dumb…. shows with laugh tracks are lame. Dumb question + long drawn out comment packaged for nerds + cynical comment + laugh track = entertainment for the masses.

  • Jimmy John

    #16 made me cry

  • Hez26

    Why?…What did he do to you? I'm assuming you're ready to die and this is a suicide mission…

  • Da Sandman

    #16 that's so sad..

  • Someone


    Even worse.

    It's incest.

  • MikeL71

    #11 made me drool and #19 made me amazed. Thanks Chive.

  • Teddy Shepherd

    #3 that is a snickers halloween commercial

  • westcoastdreamer

    Dr. Horrible on TheChive?! It's the most epic thing ever!!

  • Josh

    #3 On tv? Snickers commercial.

  • Frank M

    #16. I saw that same thing as a kid. I was able to rescue the ducklings with a frisbee, kite string, duct tape & wonderbread. It took about an hour to hoist them up one at a time while the mom waited nearby under tree.

    It was my first animal rescue…MacGyver-style! 🙂

  • schango

    Yeah, I agree. That's a bad idea. 50 cent is no pussy.

  • Tim

    #3, for those who are interested, and not capable of feeling fear should look at number one of

    • Timmy

      Not so, just a Snickers ad.

  • john dory

    hold on… let me get the camera

  • V. Putin

    that nigga iz dope, plase no hit him

  • slin

    I don't know why I keep coming to this site. seems to be targeting idiots and dbags

  • Alex

    Last one seemed kinda weak, but that's just me.

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