Oscar pool didn’t go your way? Have some girls with future lower back problems (35 Photos)

BTW on a similar note, I lost my pool because ‘The Social Network” got screwed. Just sayin’…

  • Mike

    Mam, you have a mustache.


    • misainzig

      Drawn on mustaches are a huge turn off for me. I can't seem to remember that, however.


      If you see the mustache I have bad news for ya…

    • ClariseStarling

      With great mustache comes great lower back problems.

    • skook

      Dirty Sanchez anyone?

  • Brad

    #1, #8, #18 – Awesome way to start the week!

    • COCO

      Those women are disgusting, try checking out my mother. She is way more hotter then all of them.

  • BigDingo

    Dear god #4 is captivating on so many levels…

    • Brandon

      i know, right! i was stuck on her for like 20 seconds. lol

    • ChErikS

      Her name is Kymbr Leigha

    • Giggitty

      this girl made all the others look bad imo

  • BigDingo

    Also I need #21 's name

    • Dudeabides

      Denise Milani I think – Same woman as #31 & #33

    • lkr

      Denise Milani.
      No topless though.

    • Yo Mamma

      Not Denise

    • Christian

      Denise Milani.

    • GlibTongue

      Waste of space.

      • lolol

        Someone should cut your dick off!

      • Yup

        Agreement. So tired of Denise "Tease" Milani. You got big tits, but won't show us. We get it. Now step aside for ladies who will.

  • http://endrasbmw.com/ultimateblogger/BayernDK DJK

    Vote for me here

    No registration no spam no ad's like DEAD SPACE lol

    Just click the link and click to vote.

    Thanks Chivers!!

    • Ken

      I'd rather vote for Sarah Palin.

    • DCMOFO

      I read your blog, you sound like a pretentious douche.

    • Bunker Punk

      fuck you, that is all. i bet i get more thumbs up than you or your god damn blog. take it elsewhere.

    • its_forge

      I hope you die from rectal itch.

  • Its me

    How can you all ignore the normal and so hot

    • Cody

      you got that right

    • simon

      With all these hot girls with future lower-back problems, I feel I might just have to become a chiropractor

    • Bones

      I agree.

  • nick339123

    Even as a Wonder Woman, there's just something about #33 that I dislike. Just not doin' it for me.

  • redneck

    who is #2

    • Paul

      Mandy Murders – Gods Girls model

      • Sean

        I believe her name is Diamond, at least that is tattooed on her chest?

        • Always Last

          No – she's "unique" in having a "diamond in the rough" tattoo. Just like all the others that have the unique "blue bird of happiness" and "stars" – douchettes.

    • Siouxfan

      Is it me, or does this chick look like Flo from the Progressive commercials?

      • Stanley

        How funny I was thinking same thing!!a hotter flo but still flo.

  • Marius

    To thechive: Do a MILF post

    • Sir Motorboat

      Sorry, clicked down by accident. Let's get some milfs in here!

    • George

      Even better, do a recurring MILF post, say on Mondays

  • Joe

    Future lower back problems could fix ED. Dear lord.

  • JstevensF

    Fucking great start to the week . . . . without you Chive Monday's would be unbearable.

    • COCO

      If you need pictures of ugly women to start your week, then there is something wrong with you.

  • tommybhoy

    #14 oh yes!

  • jetrome

    #14. Seriously, we need an Arianny Celeste HQ gallery.

    • -tj-

      good playboy shoot, thank you for the name!

  • leocast

    #21 must be found, drop everything your doing and dont return until we have a name.

    • Mooman

      Denise Milani

    • Dudeabides

      A weird angle of Denise Minlani I think

    • brandon

      lol that seriously took no time at all.

  • PJ Fry

    Need the name of the ink princess in #2 please.

    She is wonderous.

    • PJ Fry

      Oop, answered above thanks to Redneck and Paul!

    • MadManDad

      Wonderously gothic….how about no. If she opened her top maybe

  • daniel

    i'm in love with #15

    • Luke

      In case you are wandering her name is Brandy Robbins

      • Sid

        Chock full of awesome.

  • MrMav

    #1 #4 #5 #18 #19 #23 #24
    ALL total babes!!!

  • kokuryuha

    #1 so so hot…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ricky-Nunez/697368676 Ricky Nunez

      NOM NOM NOM!

    • Bazinga

      Planet Mandy

  • Robb

    MOAR/Find her:
    #2 #5 #10 #12 #17 #25 #29

    Great way to start off the week!

    • Cliff

      Brenda Lynn Acevedo


  • MigraineBoy

    That's it, I'm becoming a chiropractor.

  • AtomManhattan

    #2 & #10 – F YEAH

  • http://desejos-intimoss.blogspot.com Chivettes reloaded

    #35 Make me whant to go diving

    • Leotris

      Jennifer Ellison. your welcome.

    • MUFF


  • Talent scout

    Who is number 4?

  • davey


    • Casey

      Hope u r told that u r a very beautiful woman everyday u wake.


    Is it possible to say "FIND HER" to an entire post?

    • Jarvis


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