The 83rd Annual Oscars was -meh. Here’s a quick recap. (24 photos)


    Where are all the hot women at?

    • Shane Houlihan

      I hate these fucking awards shows but Jennifer Lawrence was looking fucking hot at the Oscars. I was hoping she'd show up here.

  • Shiny Happy

    "View the Full Gallery"? I just did, thank you.

  • spacetrader

    The one time I view an album early enough to have a comment on the first page, there's really nothing interesting to say.

  • Wolfram

    Can't believe King's Speech won the best film. It was a pretty obvious, uninspired "feel good" movie. Something like Black Swan should have won, which was not only good but totally unexpected and keeps the audience guessing what's going to happen next. Or Social Network, which had a very good story and was told exceptionally well. Both these movies evoked a lot more emotion that a little pity and relief ( which is all King's Speech did).

    • Sizzle

      Black Swan was totally overrated.

      • Wolfram

        I don't know what it was rated, I just know I liked it quite a bit.

    • Debasteitor

      social network was overrated too.. ok, the movie is really really good in a lot of ways but as I see, and I watched the three movies, The King's speech was better… well anyway, to be fair, the three films are so thight in goodness, that is a hard task to choose one…

  • Josh

    a meh post for a meh award show

    • Ny.Wolf


  • bisketz

    Who watches this crap anyways?

  • Jake

    #1 and #16 only ones worth acknowledging…. james franco included!

  • Ny.Wolf

    The second day that I start up reading Chive again, I get this… Please fix this, as well as my day. 😀

  • Brad

    this oscars was boring. and kirk douglas shouldn't have been asked to present, that was ridiculous…

    • out of L field john

      what??? he was hilarious. and he's what, 94 years old? id take my sweet ass time too

    • IRock

      That's called "balls" son. Look into it. Sounds like you could use some.

  • Connah

    #11 looks like oscar getting an oscar

  • SweetAwesomeness

    the nerd with the afro was the sadly the best 2 mins of the show

    • schnit123

      And his short was awesome. Too bad hardly anyone gets to see the shorts.

  • rape kit

    #10 only time i would get a boner from someone in a tuxedo…and the oscar goes to, Cat Woman!

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    The upside to when civilization ends….no more of this drivel!

  • SelfDestruct94

    Really? No pic of Trent and Atticus, ok…..

    • Bugguy

      Total fail on The Chive's part to miss this one…

  • Alan

    #21 , Scarlett was a-ma-zing… as usual.

    • Sizzle

      At what? Not brushing her hair? Because she was pretty good at that last night.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 Franco had way too much to drink

  • ROK

    nothing like pretentious millionaire assholes sitting around patting each other on the back for doing their jobs and for the most part not very well.

    • ROK

      but anne hathaway looks good doin' it DAAAANG

      • v4vendetta14

        She holds nothing to Mila Kunis…

        • ROK

          she gets hotter by the day – by the time she's 30 she will be impossible to look at without welding goggles.

  • Urban

    This shit puts me to sleep.

  • SirDerpalot

    #6 #9
    What's with the trannys this year?

  • Jimmy

    snore fest.

  • Rememberthisbannana

    #20 Robert Downey Jr. could kick Jude Laws ass every day of the week! Just saying… He is all kinds of bad ass!

  • AvAtAr

    Its cold In l.A, looks lIke sub-zero Is In town AgAIn.

  • gbody

    Is that Oprah in #7 ? You get an Oscar! And You get an Oscar!

    • (>^_^)>


    • ttd

      omfg. i lol'd hard. fuck you i was drinking pepsi and my screen got all wet 😉

  • G-Man11

    #1 – I keep wishing for a Mila Kunis nip slip.

  • Sizzle

    #6 I usually like Florence Welch, but whatever that was – boring as hell. All of it.

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