• Bill

    Find the comic-con girl

  • coolcan

    Dancing Dad is from Turkey, his name is Hasan and the dance is called 'Apache Dance'

  • alookeva

    I vote for the baby in the high chair during the dad segemt

  • K1_


  • Marius

    i wanna be like dancing dad when i'm old

  • Virulent87

    Tits or GTFO

  • koelkastmagneet

    Dancing dad has the moves, but still things that bounce.

    Oh the power of bouncing.

  • shane

    the princess should make things that bounce thursday!

  • grty

    Bewbs > All

  • BnB

    I'd do her on a tanning bed.

  • parkernoid

    Her name is Nichoel Thorne

    First, post, ever. Wooh!

  • Skies

    I choose bounce.

  • Bill

    Credit for the dad for spontaneity but the boobs take it.

  • brian

    dad's the only one who strips. when he kicks his shoes off at his son. dad ftw

  • dalexmu

    dancing dad, i loved the kid whos on the floor not giving a fukc! & comic con… you gotta love things that bounce

  • John

    I'll go with whatever Lauren is voting for and of course things that end in 'its' is a clear winner

  • nilo

    Im sure that dad got some bouncing going on too

  • fasd

    did anyone else see the fat kid behind her checkin' out her ass?

  • Pescado

    I was thinking "that dude can move." And then she started to bounce… I oddly feel as if it wasn't my BRAIN that made my decision for me.

  • Snazu

    I wonder how many hits of X did that old man take before this video?

  • SileemoNuts

    i think the dad was trying to audition for the next jersey shore lol

  • mas


  • revdell

    Tits or GTFO

  • Pan

    lol anyone else see "The Doctor" behind her??

  • haVoc

    *bounce bounce bounce*

    wait.. she was dancing?

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