Photographer, Henrik Adamsen’s life doesn’t suck (26 photos)

Henrick Adamsen website

  • EZEE


    Probably the least attractive, however, since shirt is see through, chive earns a big….errrrrrr,'thumbs' up! 🙂

  • just-what-I-think

    Photographers that take pictures of beautiful women are like a host who try to pass a gourmet purchased meal as their own food.


    #15 #20

  • Josh Craig

    Where do I put in an application to become his assistant?

  • Bob

    #26…Why put up all of these hot pictures, then end with that?? Gross.

  • Urban

    Damn my life sucks.

  • This Guy

    #15 Is just… WOW!!!

  • C. Response

    See, here's how I know teaching English has taken over my life: you don't need the comma in the headline up there, since it's necessary to know the name of the photographer. If "photographer" and "Henrik Adamsen" were reversed, then you'd use the commas to set off the appositive (the noun that renames the earlier noun), since it's non-restrictive.

    So it's "Photographer Henrik Adamsen" and "Henrik Adamsen, photographer."

    Now fix it so I can be undistracted!

  • Eeeeeeek

    Why does he photograph only ladies with eating disorders?

  • mtpuckhead

    I do enjoy these, but the Chiveetes are better in my opinion. Just saying.

  • WoogyMonster

    #26 Needs a few cheeseburgers.

  • Goodmund

    #3 makes my pants tight.

  • Doofenshmirtz

    #15 #20 Good Lawd…names? And hello to ur nips #10

  • Il Duce

    Are #15 and #22 the same girl??

  • jkn

    #21 and #26 just skin and bones… just saying i would prefer #5 soo much better… 🙂

  • Slim

    That was very pale.

  • bless1

    #1-were is the rest of that sessiion?!

  • TiminPhx

    Some of them frankly have a retarded look to them. The first woman is beautiful and while I would love to be tasting her, why is she eating her knee?

  • Bill

    imagine the amount of frustration! looking at all but not being able to taste the fruit

  • Yeahbeer

    These are all awesome!

  • AtlantaBurning

    Yeah but is he getting to put his penis inside some of that anorexic vage?

  • Sharky

    Who is #5 ?

  • BigT

    These pics are the anti-Chive. Very artistic and glamourous but also typical of the false standard (seen everywhere in the media and advertisements) of what women think they have to look like to be beautiful. If you're going to be known for something…stay true to it.

  • maynard

    #15 is probably 15! And I'm going to hell for my thoughts….unless I find her, then I'm going to jail first LOL!!!

  • mick

    Skinny and Photoshopped … But really, not alot of you guys would so no if the oppertunity came ..

    • mick

      SAY no … I need to learn to type

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