Things that make you go hmmm (21 photos)

  • bkfrijoles

    pogo, passion, and Fool are my three words…..know clue what that means lol

  • steve-o

    maybe lincon is facing forward….

  • Jeremy

    # 20 thats messed up

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #16 that does it for me…hehe…

  • ssosw

    #15 Fool , Eat and Leave …. Thats what I do at work!!!!

  • KYLE


    Leave / Maniac / Secret

    It didn't work.

  • Mee

    #15 Secret, Suicide and Good. Uh oh

  • Anon

    #12 Entrance to Chuck Norris's house,

    forgive me if this has been said…cbf reading the other comments.

  • that dude

    #6 i dont think people truely understand that by trying to find the identity of Banksy, and then succeeding in it, you have just ruined the mistique of the whole thing. then entire point of banksy is to be anonymous, someone you know the name of, but not the face. as soon as you have found the face, its suddenly boring. so, quit trying to find the true identity of Banksy for the love of god

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  • Aaron

    #15 Crush Leave Flesh

    wtf? am I a serial killer?

  • JCC

    Maniac Enigma Passion… the 2nd one sums this up… i approve

  • crazycatlady

    bail lice suicide…. wtf

  • dave

    if to world gets robbed of awesome art, cuz you posted pics of a grafitti artist thats fucked up! that guy could go to jail!!!! not cool at all chive. i hope to never see or say anything like this ever…ever again. i still love you but…

  • aim

    #15 i got FOOL, LEAVE, MEN. fucking weird.

  • Carlos SLB

    #9 me too

  • Miguel

    Why the phase at the #21 is in English, but the words at the garbage cans are in Portuguese?

  • Joshua

    Where did the word find come from? I may be a secret naked maniac and I want to find the party responsible for figuring me out >:/

  • jaa

    leave sin kick

  • iAm1-NAMI

    #3 is that really the message the world needs today? I must have missed that too many people are spending too much time reading too many books. Good thing you warned them off.

  • Aaa

    Bail Fool Leave…. sounds like Mr. T is trying to teach me How To Disappear Completely.

  • FuckUSD
  • Always Last


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