• Joe


    • ssssas

      'Merica! Fuck yeah!

  • jesus

    set off 32,000 real fireworks and then talk to me

    • NotATroll

      they said firecrackers, not fireworks

    • jackass

      Its called thunder over Louisville.

  • Peter

    This is why we aren't allowed 32,000 firecrackers on aeroplanes anymore 😦

  • gofistyourself

    i always kind of imagined that that is what it would sound like if you stuck your head in a deep fryer …..

  • Penelope

    Probably would have looked a lot cooler if they set them off at night.

  • Joe

    So this is where they get the studio applause noise

  • Sphen

    I'm deaf. All I see is a bunch of smoke. What is cool about firecrackers?

    • Wavien

      Absolutely nothing, they are dull.

    • Da Sandman

      they explode…

    • yourmom

      your a douche

  • Virulent87

    Muahahah =)


    At times breath taking.
    Listen to it through your headphones.

  • Gene

    That was 320,000 firecrackers, not 32,000.

    • naturboy

      I agree. You can go to phantom fireworks and get a block of 16,000 & light them all off at once, and it's a lot smaller than that. I know, we did it once.

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer

    Would have been cooler with 3200 M80's

    • gofistyourself

      fuck that, full sticks of dynamite !!!!

      • dur

        fuck that 320,000 thermonuclear warheads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fishy

    okay i dont know how to post a link!

    copy paste 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richie-Young/706507277 Richie Young


  • Rick

    Might have been cooler if they had all gone of at once, sadly they did not it, took over a minute to set them off, hence not all at once.

  • Wavien

    This is so boring..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonthebombero Jason Skidmore

    Come to Curacao for New Years Eve. This is at almost everyones house. Sounds like the island is at war for over an hour. The sound quality is low make sure you turn down your speakers.

    But this should give you an Idea. It goes on like that for an hour at least. Craziest Thing I have seen.

  • MoD

    I guess the US definition of at once varies from the European one.

    • LeonardoB

      You guess wrongly-Oxford concise English dictionary- Once, adv. on one occasion or for one time only. Instant, n. a precise moment of time. Run your eye up me hole. Ditto all you other spanners who once upon a time typed bollix.

  • bittor

    I see your 32,000 firecrackers, and raise the Mascletá in Valencia, Spain, that takes place every March during the Fallas:

    If you follow the sound, you'll find they are even prepared to follow a rythm!

    • ispyd

      Now that was AMAZING!!

    • Serthand

      the last minute is awesome!! Chive On from Spain!

  • v4vendetta14

    I never liked firecrackers. They are boring in small amounts. But this was really cool. Looks like the key is multiple strands all going off at once.

  • Logan

    O thats it? *YAWM* Come on Chive? Seriously?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    maybe it's from all da beer I just had, but I was expecting a large bang. after a minute I was disapoint…

  • robertoqb

    mmmm! popcorn!

  • apple

    dear cameraman take two steps back or pan out.

    • LeonardoB

      And get a better camera

  • James

    That's a lot of firecrackers in a minute, but it's certainly not all at once.

  • Jimmy

    how many of you when you were younger went around after 4th of July and picked up the un-detonated fireworks and then you and your friends blew things up with them? Not just me I hope.

    • LeonardoB

      The only thing that saved our village from our dastardly plan to make petrol bombs was the fact we were so dim we used diesel :-p I know the clue was is the name but what can I say we was t-i-eck stupid.

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