• sea

    i'm gonna give that bitch a bridge. bitches love bridges

    • fobss

      u need to know when to use it….doesnt work everytime

      • fibonacci5150

        but it looks like he's trying to take it away D:

    • Twonzilla

      and that was the appropriate time to use it

      • Danny J


    • Billie Page

      fuck that… i LOL'd

    • aosux

      Meanwhile…in San Francisco

      • Sal

        Suck it Fobbs I lol'd

  • glc

    I'll take this with me

    • Tatts


  • BSmike

    Charlie Sheen in a few days

  • raf

    I'll give that Bitch a Bridge. Bitches loves bridges.

    • raf

      only that was posted already. f#$%

  • mca

    Magneto was the bane of local public works when he was a teenager.

    • Tatts

      WIN this made me LOL

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yes, this is a winner

  • Cristi Palincas

    Superman – the teenager.

  • Rayvone

    I told them not to draw the blueprints while drunk…

  • dan

    Oh shit! Oh Shit!! OH SHIT!!!!!!

  • wren

    holy Shit…look at the tits on the that one.

  • Chris

    Have you ever been so mad…… That you bent a bridge?

    • Naz1962

      For the win!

    • Fritsbenik

      My first thoughts exactly

    • Jack

      On Meth you have!

    • Belunan

      "Have you ever been so mad…… That you bent a bridge? "

      Yes, I have.

  • Psy419

    Since when did my hard on become magnetic?!?!

  • Remeber the Past

    Tacoma Narrows – part II

    • Jesse

      I was going to go with something along the lines of "Tacoma Narrows II: The Reckoning".

    • pokeman134

      i like this one

  • wut

    wheres that friggin remote

  • OGMrWhite

    Mom looook!! loook mommm. MOOOOMMM!

    • Twonzilla

      Mum, mummy, momma, mumma, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom


    Chuck Norris needs to cover his sneeze next time!

  • Michael

    Ride a bridge

    like a boss

    • Souza True

      dammit you beat me to it. I was going to do "bend a bridge, like a boss" 😀

  • Kellen

    Damnit Superman, stop pulling that shit

  • lyon9

    Banksy has gone too far this time!

    • The_DoctorWho



    this should give you enough clearance to sail under!

  • Apollos

    meanwhile, in Chernobyl

    • zyu


      medals in the post

    • OGMrWhite


  • Jake

    i accidentally the whole bridge

  • Bruno Mignaco

    A little more to the left, a little moar.. Ok, that's good

  • @chattphotos

    *Russian accent* I am Yuri, I make good bridge, if you do not like bride, I take bridge with me.

    In preparation of the zombie war, Cody turned the bridge into a makeshift catapult.

    Kids, this is you on drugs

  • Greg Brannon

    I got your 'inception' right here biiiiatch!!!

  • BigT14

    Man, that Muscle Milk really works!!

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