• bkfrijoles

    The Dog still did more than what a cat would do

    • Bazinga

      Look up from it's nap, "Meh," and go back to sleep?

    • Cliff

      Seriously. I remember one earthquake(I used to live in San Francisco), I was at my friends apartment and her kitten was goin' crazy jumping around on everything and just being really hyper. Then out of no where the cat looked outside, jumped to the floor in the middle of the room with it's tail buried beneath it and it's ears back and just meowed at the floor for 3 min or so. We couldn't figure out what was wrong until the earthquake struck.

  • Jeff

    I love how the dude stays and holds the door open for those chicks at the end. You're far more chivalrous than me my man. First date, absolutely; earthquake, you're on your own bitch!

    • skippy

      I read all the comments to see if anyone else mentioned that, I would have been gone.

  • B-b-b-bryan

    Definitely not Lassie. No time to tell anyone what he knew was about to happen. Just GONE!!

  • Jonathan Prack

    Good thing it was a dog and not a cat because that cat would of left and locked the damn doors and watched as the building fell down on top of the humans and never felt bad.

  • guest

    That dog must have been a minorty dog. He didn't see what was going on. Didn't warn anyone. He was just OUTTY!!

  • PRovenZer0

    The Fat guy runs out and leaves the ladies!

  • Nick

    lmao at the guys face when stands up and freezes! haha

  • That Guy

    kinda looked like the fat guy sensed it to. maybe the "first wave" someone was talking about is perceptible by fat cells.

  • Bob

    That dog was like " I'm otta' here bitches!!"

  • DanG

    This was a magnitude 6.5 offshore of Eureka California. I live 35 miles south of there. It was pretty exciting!

  • Bazinga

    Man, glad I got a dog in January!

    I actually watched a show called "Octopus Volcano" on Discovery or Animal Planet. Apparently, they would leave before the volcano would start rumbling.

  • DCM

    Seriously chive? This video is from January of LAST YEAR. How'd you miss it?

  • M.E.

    Good boy, detecting the earthquake! too bad you can't talk, so everyone was just like "STFU Rover!"

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