Gadget Girl: Beer Belly and Wine Rack


The Beer Belly and Wine Rack combo will equip you and your lady friend with enough stealth storage to carry your favorite beverages into sporting events, concerts, and the family picnic without anyone knowing. The Beer Belly’s neoprene sling and polyurethane bladder can hold 80 oz of beer or other beverage. The Wine Rack can hold just that, a bottle of wine… Or a fifth of your favorite hard spirit, or anything else you’d like to sip on. The bladder is housed in a sports bra that under clothes looks totally normal – except for a little extra in size. Both have a long drinking tube with on/off valves and wide mouth openings for easy cleanup.

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  • @noxesthor

    But then I have to bring my wife to these sporting events.

  • Bruce Dickinson

    Cool thing to own, but I hope the TSA knows about this……….

  • Airwalktdk

    who is she?

  • aosux

    Sorry Chive I am already equiped with a beer belly. I also just shove So-Co Black Label into my pants when I go events. Thanks though.

    • aosux

      Wow, I should try that again

    • Crizz

      So-Co Black Label? You Brag of this? Next time you're thinking of telling everyone in the world something, mention your lack of scrotum.

      • aosux

        Bragging? Anyone that wants it can buy it in the store too. Next time you want to look superior on the internet, don't, just look in the mirror and punch yourself in the face.

      • Jak

        If he wanted to brag he could have bragged about us tag teaming your mom behind the bowling alley last night. That was cool.

  • davey

    i put my wineskin in my pants and tell everyone who wants to know…"i have a very large dick" thank you.

  • Josh Gorter

    That chick looks like someone just walked up behind her and stuck their thumb in her butt.

  • whitneysouth

    I really do own the Wine Rack. In fact, I’d prove it.

    I couple it with the Beer Helmet while at home. Great combo.

    • Nicholas Warner

      Full Of Win!!!!

  • gaz

    the chive is advertising for people now? you've changed chive, you've changed.

  • whitneysouth

    Sidenote. Her belly button ring… I say nay.

  • That Guy

    she is annoying.

  • Urban

    What was she selling?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    definetely a buyer here, but I have a problem: I already have an all natural beer belly. Does the wine rack come in a man's size I can use?

  • Jaime Dodge

    Find her

  • cheezwhiz

    they should make one to look like a pregnant woman's belly. imagine the amount of booze you can carry in that!

    • Lightbulb


  • Mike Engler

    this may be the greatest invention since sliced bread, i want one now!

    oh and yes, do find her please!

  • ryan

    Completely disappointed in the fact that the chive is now trying to sell shit

  • Latesha

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me satgriht.

  • Ajoy

    What a great idea to add cinnamon to coeffe grounds! How much do you typically add per serving? I loveeee autumn spice flavors, so I’m sure I’d love this Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..

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