Once again, are these fit girls hot or scary? (26 Photos)

  • yea

    #16 and #18 are beautiful

  • Manolo

    To be honest I'd do'em all. Just to be able to say I did.

  • Bill


  • tina

    my GIRL opinion: Hot, as long as the muscular mass isn't exaggerated and the veins aren't visible!! #1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 16, 17, even #23 look very good!!!

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  • TooSlow

    Women that love themselves as much as I do.

  • barnone


  • joe


  • so...

    dude. some of these chics are ugly regardless of fit or not…
    and, as for fit… bulging veins… not hot.



  • Ranald

    evryone of them is a stone Goddess! Fit girls rock!!!

  • Banks

    They are all HOT< HOT HOT!!

  • wookinpahnub

    Oh Hell Yes!!! #2

  • jason

    I need most of them…. cause I'm remodelling my home soon (and building my own cupboards!). LOL

  • ale

    The only reason for not wanting to love all of them would be the inferiority complex. Afterwards.

  • AtomManhattan

    Women with well-toned core/obliques would have no problems getting my pants off. Lovehandles are sexy as hell in my opinion.

  • Nanook

    #17 and #25 Add some under boob and you are talking Hall Of Fame

  • lemon juice

    seriously chive who's #18 at least tell us her name

  • fbergie

    Some of them look nice, but all of them show a level of fanaticism that would be difficult to put up with.

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  • jimmy

    #14 is marzia price, facebook her tons of pics

  • yea

    i would fuck any of them except the black chick

  • patov40

    I count 20 Hot out of 26. I like those odds!

  • derek

    #1 #2 #21 – WAY hot thank u very much

  • bill

    #13 best of the set. fine,fine,super fine.

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