Signs that fail on so many levels (32 Photos)

  • Paula_

    Dear Chivers, today is my BIRTHDAY!
    Since you darlings can't come over to give me presents, why don't you let us know what you'd wish for me today?

    – the one you love to hate

    • riverjns1234567

      I'd wish for some naked pics of you

      • yup

        Careful what you wish for, dude.

    • nrh

      That you stop being so damn pretentious?

    • mcmguy

      Dear Paula,
      Because you have "liked" your own comment, I am hereby required to take away your birthday. Thank you and have a shitty day.

      • Paula_

        That's automatic dear.

        – the one you love to hate

    • Rudeboy Jefe

      Happy Birthday! 🙂

    • mike

      " …and a dagger up the clitoris!"

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      haters gonna hate, happy birthday paula

      have a beer and a #28

    • Darius

      Happy Birthday, haters gonna hate.

    • Diana Santos

      so paula…how many blow job today? oh..i mean the candles…^_^ lol how many?

      • Paula_

        29 dear, same as last year and the year before that… ❤

        – the one you love to hate

        • Diana Santos

          looool good ideia xD happy birthday :p

    • Paula's #1 Fan

      Happy Birthday Paula!!!
      Hmmm… I wish chivers would recognize your genious.

      • Paula_

        Ah if it isn't my favorite peeping neighbour again! Thank you dear, are you coming over for some pie after you finish stroking whatever it is you allways stroke behind your hedge?

        – the one you love to hate

        • COCO

          Paula, I totally love you too. I always forward to seeing your comments and seeing people hating on you for not reason.

          Please reply, I just want to see you again.

          Happy birthday to you, my love

          • Paula_

            Thank you dear… hey aren't you my MD who takes temperatures with his tongue?

            – the one you love to hate

            • COCO

              Thank You for replying. You made my day.

              Actually I use my finger to finger your mouth clean. Next time please brush your brush. Your breath smell like a dead cat.

        • riverjns1234567

          I want some pie

    • pjsupremex

      i want to punch you in the cooter!

    • ryan

      it's not really her you jackasses

      • Paula_

        Yes it is (the 'hugs' Paula), just registered the account so you can tell who's who.

        – the one you love to hate

    • Jimmy


    • *young*-*JaCko*

      hey happy birthday hope its a gooder!!!

    • bunedoggle

      Have some cake, bitches love cake.

  • TheBayouBeatdotCom

    Where do you get all your Info, Pix?? I try on my site but dam how many people work there?

  • davey

    Paula: I like to give u a tea bag.

    • COCO

      Stop being mean to her/him

    • yebo77

      Well said davey, you drag the ol' tea bag while I jam my 'Copper Penny" on her snout!!!!

  • nrh

    Starbucks fails on so many levels. #12

    BTW, does anyone ever visit a site called Oddee?

    • maxwell1965x

      Oddee rocks!

  • king

    ROFL at #10, typical, the sign tops it all off!!!!!!!! "merica, fuck ya!!!!

  • Exiliado

    #30 is kind of sad

  • Nick702

    #6 scumbag steves grandma avenging him

  • Stafferty

    #6 Might be one of the most ingenious trolls of our times if she planned it

  • hapa_nerd

    Just like having Braille at the drive-up ATM… #1

    • c diddy

      people can walk up to a "drive up" ATM and use it

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #17 Reminds me of the toll gate in Blazing Saddles- "Somebody's gonna have to go back and get a shit load of dimes!"

    • PRovenZer0

      Best comment today, great observation. Good 'ole Taggart

  • putzco

    #32: Now what did I just say?

  • Wolfram

    #24 Ohhh that explains a lot, actually.

    • Bryan

      yes it does because its a box of fireworks

    • Bryan

      Yes it does because it is a box of fireworks

    • Diamond

      Glad to see there are educated chivers

  • miles

    Sorry I don't know where else to ask this.. But as I only started looking at thechive a few months ago I feel like I missed a few things… 1) why do people say "moar" instead of "more"? 2) whats that drawing that keeps popping up with the "why u no…" phrases attached? 3) and what is derp? ||| if someone could help me with these it'd be appreciated…

    • nrh

      You're new to the internet, aren't you?

      • miles

        Ehh, not so much.. but I guess I'm new to the slang.

        • yaknow

          Do you Herp to the Derp?!

    • Fucko

      No MOAR Miles…Y U NO UNDERSTAND? What are you a Derp?

    • Lisa

      Hi Miles. Glad you like the chive. Your life will be immeasurably less productive but infinitely more enjoyable.

      1) "Moar" to me seems like a ROAR of more. People say it because they say it.
      2) Does it really matter? It's funny.
      3) Derp is similar to "Duh" and "Durrrr".

      Enjoy your chiving. 🙂

    • SirDerpalot

      Lurk moar.

    • Geshko
      Its a cornucopia of knowledge about internet jokes, including their origins.

  • Edge

    Y U no know MOAR, Derp?

    • miles

      tou·ché , I just didn't know if these things originated here on TheChive or if they were just popular internet things.. either way I don't know what they are and I probably won't lose much sleep if no one tells me.

      • pjsupremex

        y you no sleep MOAR? you wake up with tha derp!
        check out the urban dictionary online if you truly desire, and while you are there look up the word bumpkin!

  • Steve

    #22 Where is the pic?

  • aosux

    What a douche!

  • Shane Ellerthorpe

    So is #22 failing to load Bob's way of failing at fail signs?

    • Shane Ellerthorpe

      oh darn, he fixed it!

  • Diana Santos

    #9 smart dog B)

  • Jules


    A derp is the face I would be making at you right now 🙂 Lol

    • miles

      As that is the closest thing I've gotten to an answer, I thank you Jules.

      • Jules

        PS MOAR is the manimal way of saying he wants to see MOAR of a posted hot chick..
        Stay tuned to The Chive to figure out more..(Thats how I found out when I first came addicted)

        -Also, please never post 'first' if you are first to comment on a post….It pisses everyone off 🙂

        • miles

          Thanks Jules.. I will hone my Chive Etiquette.

  • papa

    how is this a fail? its clearly an advertisement #19

    • Bill

      Read the sign again, and then look at the last word. Clearly, who wrote it didn't take their own advice.

  • Spartacus

    No, I'm Spartacus.


    # 16 Harry Potter?

    • QWERTY

      meant #6

  • ohmyguinness

    #22 is awesome.

  • Nicnac

    #19 is win.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #1 what the fuck…

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