Signs that fail on so many levels (32 Photos)

  • pablo

    I remember the last time they posted most of these pictures

  • Ron

    #12 is actually correct. To get on Starbucks network, first you connect to their wireless network and then you have to go to that site to login to get access to the internet.

    Just goes to show how dumb a lot of people are.

  • mumbles

    Refunds were sent last week.

  • alister

    #27: very funny. but candy doesn't cause diabetes..

    #31 SONOFABITCH thats local too

  • Hich

    #28 is SO CLOSE to saying Chive On… Near-win?

  • IronEagle119

    I wouldn't trust the average blind person to walk streets alone!

    • hapa_nerd

      Nor would I trust one to move when I drive up to the ATM!

  • paddywack

    #28. FULL OF WIN

  • Jack Bauer

    Love the dog in #9

  • Bruce M Hiscott

    you only use grand once and great for the rest as in your great great grand father doesn't love you

  • Bruce M Hiscott

    #26 really messed with my head for a minute

  • that dude

    #8 i hope people know that it's shopped….

  • Libertariandude


  • Tyrone wallingham


    Holy shit, I know that sign. It's on the most desolate stretch of road in America between Reno and Boise. I laugh every time I go by it.

  • Ron

    You'll find that Chive rips off and waters down a lot of posts from Izismile (as well as Reddit and others). The sad thing is they don't even compile their own posts for the most part. Just copy and paste entire posts. It led to Izismile watermarking some of their more popular posts a little while ago. It looks like they've discontinued that though.

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  • Jojo

    #14 was a total mind fuck. Great photoshopping though.

  • Reynold

    #8 is a fake. The seagull icon is the exact dimensions of the real seagull on top of the sign, down to the placement of the bird's toes.

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  • hdustinbing

    IT's like an overload of fake signs to fool stupid people.

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