The spectrum of cat reactions haz no limit (32 Photos)

  • forrest

    #2, #30, #31 This post made my day

  • jetrome

    #24. I love *facepalm*

    • Dave

      you mean *facepaw* ?

      • jetrome

        hahaha. true that. facepaw

  • Taylor Blissett


    Business cats coworker

    • BloodScrubber

      I'm gonna shrink that and put it on the back of a few business cards. 🙂

  • Dirty Dingus

    I Fucking Love Oranges!

  • hapa_nerd

    O HAI #11

  • Richard Johnson

    thank you thank you "i can haz cheeseburger" cat grammar meme for going away.

  • nrh

    #10 Accurately representing 99% of all male Chivers.

  • Brad

    #23 needs its face cleaned…

    • stonyjoe

      or a new owner

  • n1ghtstalker

    Everybody loves a good chive post with lots of pussy in it!
    Seriously though.. this post rocks!

    • c diddy


  • c diddy

    What is the chive's infatuation with cats? Cats suck in real life, and they suck on the internet. Stop posting this shit and maybe you can get more then 2500 votes on your polls. FIO

    • Sheoncebelieved

      I agree, nothing creepier than a guy and his cats. come on chive, isn't the berry for shit like this?

    • Barette

      You know who hated cats? Hilter. It's true. You know who loved them? Abraham fucking Lincoln. Cats rule, period.

    • Jimmy

      Amen brother. Hate cats!

    • Garfield the Cat

      Fuck you, asshole.

    • Guest

      Cats do not suck, they are excellent. You on the other hand are stupid and ugly and smell bad. These are scientifically proven facts.

    • katelyn

      seriously dude? you do realize u opened it, so u clearly wanted to look at the kitty cat pictures or u just want to bitch about something lame so somebody in this world will give u some attention……no body forced u, window licker……

    • katelyn

      hey if ur gonna bitch about some thing stupid that u brought upon urself then ur should probably be on theBERRY right now….dumbass

  • c diddy

    Not to mention all you ass clowns who commented on this shit.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      welcome brother ass clown, to our society of commenters! have a beer!

      • c diddy

        There is no one drinking beer in here, just a bunch of lattes. I'll be over in the DMA post drinking some cold ones. Later fags.

        • wockunahgri

          does the c stand for "cunt"?

          • c diddy

            stands for "cats are gay"

            • kitkat63376

              I think it stants for CUNT…capital letters, diddy, you're an asshole.

              • Ryan

                So is he a CUNT or an asshole?

                • Derp


        • Bree1912

          WOW you really need to chill the fuck out! I got news!! The world doesn't revolve around you! SURPRISE! And another thing, if you didn't care for the post why did you bother opening it up? Just ignore it if it isn't up your alley.

        • R Diddy

          flame on

    • Jimmy

      anyone who takes the name "c.diddy" is a faggot anyways.

    • c diddy

      Sorry to offend everyone. I wuv kitty kats. They are so cute and cuddly and fun! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. lol, douche holes.

      • Mike

        Resorting to calling people names on the internet. Look out everybody, tough guy over here.

        • Jesse Lukaras

          i'm scared.

      • AtomManhattan

        WOW. Talk about LMFAO…takes a world-class twat waffle like this to hate on cats. I'm sorry your mom and dad are brother and sister and you're very angry and you can't help it.

    • Tj Huddleston

      Dude, ur name is C diddy… Ur gay… that is all

    • Megan

      But YOU"RE commenting on this. Many, many times. I've seen your post more then anyone else. Do you not understand that you look like a fucktard?

  • mali_sapun

    when you hear #20, the proper reaction is #21 ?

    • Pete Ribaudo

      how do you know?

  • TylerV

    #20 was overheard by #21 Chive Win.

  • Mdubb

    Seriously, this post is so lame. Move on from cats. 40 year old lesbians and apparently most Chivers are the only people in the world who like cats.

    • MikeofLA

      Dude, next to porn and theCHIVE, Cats and other animals are the reason the internet is so awesome. I'm sorry you're "too cool" to laugh at some funny animals and only enjoy the boobz. Maybe you should get over yourself and enjoy life a little…

      By the way, the post was clearly titled, if you don't like these kinds of things, DON'T CLICK ON IT. ESPECIALLY don't comment.

      • Mdubb

        Are you sure it's not MikeofSanFran?

        • MikeofLA

          Thank you for helping to distill and point out your complete lack of intelligence, maturity and tolerance.

          By the way, San Fran isn't all full of gays, like you're alluding to. It's a world class city. Where are you, some sheep fuckin town in Texas/Arkansas.

          • Jeremy

            San Fran sucks ass.

            • Mdubb

              That's weird, so does Mike. Sounds like a perfect fit.

    • Steve

      Mike, you need to use smaller words and a schoolyard demeanor to ass hats like this. You are obviously too classy to stoop to his level so I hope you mind if I do.

      "Mdubb, you are a big jerk who's stupid and your big ugly face is as dumb as a butt!"

      You see, Mike, that those words are much closer to his. Subtlety is completely lost on an adolescent Neanderthalistic effeminate inter-uterus saline cleanser like that. He will likely have some equally unintelligent, angst driven, daddy didn't love me thing to say to me, but its best if him and his entire inbred disease ridden back woods sheep loving family, were ignored from this moment until his untimley and somewhat ironic death in freak farming accident.

      • Joe pancake

        Why all the sheep hate?

        • Stuffs

          It's Sheep Love…

  • c diddy

    Hopefully they will follow this post up with a bunch of pictures of the cast from sex in the city doing a bunch of way funny things too!!! That would be a lot of fun!!

    • Justin Hall

      Dude, what the fuck happened to you in your childhood that gave you such a neurotic dislike of cats?

      #29 and I are confused at the sheer dickdom of your multiple posts.

      • c diddy

        maybe you and #29 can get a room. I've ignored the Chive's infatuation with cats far too long. I've had enough. To me the chive=awesomeness. Cats are not awesome.

        • AMF

          Hey retard,
          Now please, for the love of God, STFU.

        • Homes

          Live with a cat and you might change your opinion. Cats suck.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #17 whaddya mean my ears will never grow?!?

    • luvkitties

      you're selling me to the restaurant people?!

  • Wolfram

    #29 Whaaaaat?

  • Mdubb

    That phrase makes absolutely no sense when using it to describe the GIF MikeofSanFran

    • MikeofLA

      Sure it does if you look at the gif, wanted bird, didn't get bird, laid down and didn't give a fuck, but nice try douche nozzle.

      • Mdubb

        Did you ever think that maybe the cat falls over in a fit of frustration after meticulously hunting the bird, much like a little kid would throw a fit when he doesn't get his way, MikeofSanFran?

        • cat who mis'd bird

          I had to eat that pigeon's poop cause it got away and you don't think I care? Obama doesn't give me hand outs like the rest of you fools, of course I gave a crap!

        • MikeofLA

          I don't think cats have the capacity to throw a fit of frustration… like your little fit earlier about how theCHIVE isn't made just for you and has posts about cats. Not to mention cats do that all the time.

          By the way, explain to me why MikeofSanFran would be an insult. If I lived in San Francisco, one of the most progressive, modern and beautiful cities in the US I would be quite proud… OH, I get it, you think everyone in San Fran is gay… so that's like an insult… i get it. Grow up… ignorant dumbass

          • Mdubb

            Ok Mikeofsanfran, pray tell how calling me a douche nozzle is an insult? Wouldn't that mean that I'm constantly in and around pussy? Oh, that's right, you're a homo so you don't think of things like that.

  • RiKo


    • Alcy

      La la la la la….

  • BobSugar

    #32 double fail

  • Things My Sister Would Like » cat reactions are funny theCHIVE

    […] cat reactions are funny theCHIVE. […]

  • Tom

    #32 Sums up Garfields life pretty much

  • Jason

    #13 Puss 'n Boots

  • Bruce Dickinson

    #4 Diabeetus Cat

  • Josh Gorter


    "What are those two girls doing with that cup?"

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