The spectrum of cat reactions haz no limit (32 Photos)

  • Timm

    Fark – Caturday look it up, that is all

  • PoopIsFun

    #23 Diabeeeeetus!!!

  • ProvenZer0


  • equalizermax

    This is better than your shi#$%.. "Caption This" post.

  • buuillis

    #29 calvin of calvin and hobbes

  • Jessica Condrey

    Sorry if I sound too girly but..I wuvs kittys! 🐱

  • Yeahbeer

    #31 Lol awesome!

  • Henry Gibson

    The funny thing is, my wife said the same thing to me last night.

  • boss

    #6 looks exactly like the Old Man on Pawn Stars.

    • WTFever


  • Sarah

    TO all the Cat post haters
    YAWWWNNNN… " wha? Oh, I'm sorry, you're mistakening us for people who give a flying f*** about your lame ass / hating comments!"

    You dont hear me complaining about posts that aren't quite up my street! (I'm not a keen dog lover for example)
    I for one look forward to my weekly dose of Gifs / demotivational posters / cute animals (regardless of whether they're here or on the Berry) and all the other wonderful things the Chive / Berry have to offer.
    – If you want more ass / tit or smut find another site or quit your bitch ass moaning

    • Mdubb

      Oh great, the March of the Lesbos is in full effect


      Personally, I'm fine with some cat pictures and/or gifs. But designating a whole post to the lame ass animal is over board and takes away from the legitimacy of the chive. Hating on cats via comments only adds some of that aforementioned legitimacy.

      • Crazy person

        FUCK YOU!!!! DIE NOW!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NotaTrap


  • TCUchiver

    #14 "MAAA , Where is the meatloaf!!??"

  • Urban

    Hey man, to each his own. Personally I have to live with cats because my girlfriend had two when she was single, but I really dislike cats. But to the cats defense, I'm a little OCD as well.

  • ClariseStarling

    #14 is pretty clearly responding "GTFO"

  • Sdranem

    #30 needs a meme post.
    "Bitch took my stapler, now she gets the squint eyes, *Glare………..*

  • Ken

    #19 I know that look. Popcorn skin stuck in da teefas.

  • farscapestuey

    #15 Hilarious. FTW

  • Rocket Man

    #6 looks like the Mr. Dursley of cats.

  • CC101

    ♥Never Fails♥

  • Dex

    Yeah, #22 and #24 saw #23

  • Sugreev2001

    Damn,I have the exact same bowl.

  • blaine

    RIGHT NOW, open new tab, go to youtube, pull up "In the Arms of an Angel", listen to it while slowly scrolling through this gallery. this works for all animal galleries.

  • Michael N. Hymovitz

    #19 "LOL SHUT the fuck up…"

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