Three mansions I wouldn’t mind hanging my hat in (27 photos)

  • kessel81

    #26. find that portuguese chick. let's party.

  • Mmm_Ciao

    I think the mansion in Canada is pretty interesting. Plus, it has more color than the other mansions. The wood is nice, and some pretty views. #10 #12 #15

  • Wolfram

    Bastards changed the numbers. There's 2 animals in #5 (used to be 13 I swear!). I guess they could be dogs but at first I thought they look like leopards. Goes with the scenery

  • doodlecakes

    first thanks :3

  • boooohooo

    Only liked the first house ,rest are just creepy and look uncomfortable to live in.

  • uhhuhthatsright

    The one in Toronto doesnt look that great a bunch of pictures of hallways and staircases. I bet no one even lives there…for good reason

  • mafiaduck

    #20 … deaths door? who the hell puts a door just randomly in the air like that? Thats begging for a death at the next underage drinking party.

  • Tomatso

    Bring on more architectural posts! Love #27 's roof!

    • Tomatso

      sorry… ceiling

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