Celebrity close-ups sans Photoshop (26 photos)

  • EmilyEskimo

    #9 Blue Steel

  • emman

    Jay-Z! He looks like a suction trying to suck my monitor.

  • ivy

    Colin Farrell is the best looking of them all. He is handsome naturally. Love him.

  • Vic

    these have totally been touched up. i could do that in adobe lightroom to any photo. they've just increased the "clarity" to make things like wrinkles stand out. pfft. untouched my arse.

  • Phil

    Someone may have already said this. I'm not going to look through pages of comments. But yeah, these are definitely Photoshopped.

  • derek

    #1 – i've been saying for 10 years that she is not attractive. i was right. #6 – Baddest man alive. #11 – Alien. #12 – funniest man alive

  • rator

    'reptile eyes'! David Icke may be right…

  • charles almon

    You can tell by the pupils that something called 'beauty lighting' is being used.
    One can't see defects like wrinkles or blemishes, UNLESS THERE IS A SHADOW of some kind.
    And the light is designed to eliminate ALL shadows.

  • Johnny H

    Amazing how it looks to be Close-ups using photoshop, rather than "sans". Some of the faces look distorted. Not just minus make-up, but physically distorted.

  • fubar

    this is nonsense. Anyone with a fair bit of photoshop knowledge knows you need to use a couple of filters to get the "no photoshop" look – including messing with the channel settings to make people's blemishes stand out. They're just as photoshopped as the perfect pictures – what was your point?

  • Superman

    Ummmm, yeah! So, how is that the women get to wear make-up in your "sans photoshop" gallery?!?!

  • Denise

    Of course they all look different without make up… im an everyday woman and look much better and 10 years younger with makeup on and hair done. Not to mention some of these celebrities are over 60…

  • smitty


  • gogo

    Joking, Valentino it is:)

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