Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Random

    #20 – spandex is awesome, this ass is awesome(r)

    • Kjell King

      You're not wrong.

    • Shitfaced

      You're quite right.

    • TIZ

      Ummm you are wrong though spandex is only awesome on certain people. Think about it…

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

      seriously? … low standards bro.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        spandex; its a priveledge, not a right…

        • RichXTC

          for her the privledge is earned

    • ReyTiburones

      but why the belt? though i'd be lying if i said i cared, or even noticed until i had been staring for a while…

    • Kjell King

      It's like two puppies fighting under a blanket.

    • Bob

      In five years it won't fit into a car seat….

    • gottfried

      That thing is already sagging, take off the spandex and it will look like cottage cheese in a sausage skin. I love a good ass, but it better be tight. Just like tits and cocaine, it may be great in the short term, but don't sink yourself into it as a long term investment.

      • its_forge

        LOL I'm totally sure you have a plethora of options.

    • top dog

      That ass is hanging kinda low, she need a butt lift. #20.

      • Goran

        you r gay

    • floscar


    • joey

      If Palin wears spandex; she wins

  • Paula_

    CHECK CHIVE CAM 3 thats Bill Murray at the Chive office doing a photoshoot or something!!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Shitfaced

      Your tag line is still garbage. Needs work.

      • Paula_

        No, it has now evolved and grown to its full potential. It can't be improved. Those who understand its full meaning bow to it.

        – the one wih the perfect tagline

        • Paula's #1 Fan

          Just going to add my unbiased and completely objective opinion here… That was the perfect tag line and I bow to it. Love her or hate her it's still an obsession fellas.

          -Your favorite fan boy

        • Skye

          I now love you Paula, I no longer hate you.

    • midwestdouchebag

      God damn it Paula.

      • Paula_

        Made you loooohooook… ❤

        – the one you love to hate

    • Wavien

      Sooo funnehhhh

    • Mag NEAT o

      You Suck! Most likely literally too

    • COCO

      Hey how are you. Waiting all day to see your comments. Just made my boring day.

      • COCO

        Why do you people hate Paula? Haters always hating

        • pong lenis

          obvious troll is obvious

  • Dirty Old Man

    I love nudity #42

    • Yawn

      State obvious, get thumbs up.

      • MikeyMate

        Be a smart-ass, get thumbs down.

    • Shilling

      Laure Anne Tombeur

      • John

        Best picture in the entire post.

    • Sharky

      holy shit, that's one hot anonymous chick

    • COCO

      Still too fat, need to lose about 5 lbs.

  • damon

    #2 you know when you open the DAR to a baby pissing on a chick, it's gonna be good

    • nywolf

      I was thinking the same thing, but when It opens with a ton of kids sitting on another to not get wet, then its even better #1

    • diaperchange

      baby's first golden shower

    • itwasallyellow

      haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love…

    • pat

      great shot kid that was one in a million!

      • cleetus

        im still doin that and im 43……makes mum angry.

  • misainzig

    Dildo milkins!

  • obvi

    WINNING! #47

    • matt

      quite the gap!!

      • BloodScrubber

        Thats not a Gap…..that a freaking Couch Cover!

    • COCO

      She needs a body scrub. I can see her dead skin cells which needs to come off for smooth skin.

      • saxface

        I agree, theres something physically dirty about her, its like i can see some shat aroma wafting off her. Kinda gross…and i love sluts.

        • Deans22

          I feel like you both found the creepiest way to say she's a dirty girl…

    • jason


      • poo


    • carlos


    • nate

      hate to say it but that gap screams photo shop.

    • Joe


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vince-Weaver/100002059474696 Vince Weaver

      Wow. You could park a truck in that gap.
      I just happen to own a truck.
      Lucky me 😉

      • Jen

        you can almost see inside her B HOLE! HELLO O O O O!

  • Sooper Truper

    #23 Yes I would

    • midwestdouchebag

      What straight man wouldn't?

    • ROK

      captain obvious, please report to sick bay

    • Shitfaced

      Is it even debatable? No shit, who wouldn't?

    • DudeBro

      I would if she'd let me.

    • opp

      hell yes you know it would be a fight to be on top

    • mith

      hummm…. I don't know.

      • chanman

        I would oh and BTW i bet were gonna see her with MMMM under it tomorrow, just wait

        • jinx

          id spit right in her butthole

  • mark

    #14 Awesome.

    • makers mark

      dunno why your getting downvoted by chivers?

      • Green doodoo

        Seriously…wtf?? How is this not appreciated?

        • McBeastie

          Probably because personalized license plates are for giant douchebags. No matter what they say.

          • Jen

            thank you, mcbeastie

          • Wonders

            How is that? I'm interested in your logic about someone personalizing anything.

          • aosux

            John thought it was awesome. Thats good enough for me.

    • aosux

      My wife doesn't think so.

  • Kjell King

    I laughed way too hard at #44

  • aosux

    Made the DAR! Everyone in the offoce can suck it!

    • aosux


    • parker

      made it too. after a week of trying. my life is complete.
      (yes, my life has a high suck-factor)

      • ReyTiburones

        i don't agree with that, one of my highest aspirations is get on theChive

        • DaddyD

          Eat your hearts out … I got a whole post of my own … remember "russian mail-order brides with future lower back pain"?

          • Whine

            Mine was the first official Chive Volleyball chicks and I got voted down, last time I do something cool.

  • jenny

    #37 – was that a dildo??

    • LDD

      I thought so too.

    • nywolf

      Yes, yes I believe it was. -.-

      • Green doodoo

        Uh…jackass 3 anybody?? Durr

        • hamberleaf

          yep from jackass!

        • PWNT

          Yeah seriously? These people need to rent a video and become part of the 3D sensation with jackass 3D.

          • Randy Marsh

            How does one rent a movie that hasn't been released yet??

            • Gerald Broflovski


    • ROK

      was not a glass of milk

    • mick

      Here's a dildo penetrating a glass of milk. Your argument is invalid

    • mith

      yes. that is a rubber penis.

    • Stevo

      anything for SCIENCE!

  • andintheend

    lol #10

    • Kilo

      I will give you this, Americans
      You guys the are some of the funniest people in the world
      kinda stupid, but incredibly funny

      • Shitfaced

        If this reply doesn't end the day with thumbs down then this website has been taken over by foreigners. 'Merica – fuck yeah!

        • Gusano Guzman

          I don't why that gringo above me wants so many thumbs down…
          but I'm happy to oblige. 'qui Tienes

      • 박송수

        ㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 내 미국 친구들이 짱 째미 있어.
        The inter-NET is Inter-NATIONAL, shitfaced, it's ok. 괜잖아!
        Chive on from Korea! 차이브 화이팅!

    • Ateka

      I lol'd at that one for like 2 minutes like a retard 😀

  • LDD

    #33 – Keebler Elves home is awesome

  • andintheend

    #35 is f-ing ridiculous….

    • schango

      Not only is this person alien to the written language, "BUTT" their argument is invalid.
      America does not have an official language.

      • Guest

        yes, it does….English….defeated German by one vote during the forming of the Constitution…look it up

        • Steve

          This is not true. You are referring to the Muhlebnerg Legend, which is just an urban legend, although it has also been told with Dutch instead of German as well. The United States does not have one. Each state is allowed to decide for themselves. Some have none, some have English, others have English and Spanish. While English is often conisdered the unofficial language due to its widespread usage, English and Spanish are both equally recognized as commonly spoken languages, which is why all congressional laws and transcripts are made available in both. Look it up.

    • bigfoot

      The butt is the least of his dumbass worries. What are we to do with "your" for "you're"? I love stupid.

      • Biggus Diccus

        That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I see idiots do this constantly.

        • ross

          your a fucking idiot i'll shove your pet peeve up your ass

    • juan

      WTF?!! How am I supposed to speak to my children now??!!!!

    • ross

      your fucking gay #35 is badass

  • Wavien

    #10 That is so true it hurts..

  • nywolf

    #24, #27, #34 EPIC!!

  • Shitfaced

    #21 WIN. That takes some balls my friend.

    • ROK

      the 2nd part of his gift was no sex for a month

  • hater

    Oh, herrrooo. #45

    • Alum

      CU Boulder FTW!!!

      • Jules

        Good eye! I knew it looked familiar!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Akers-Mader/848445316 Adam Akers-Mader


        • BroMan

          Funniest thing I've heard all day. For what? Fat chicks? LOL. Take it easy over there, High School: The Sequel. CSU is for people who couldn't get into a community college.

          • Mmm_Ciao

            That's interesting. I didn't realize community colleges had fantastic Chemical and Biological Engineering programs.

      • IGotCandyKids

        Yessir. Great lookin campus yo

    • GK-4

      Wow! that's a one in million shot
      ~Well Played

  • ISU Birds

    #9 YES YES YES!!!

    • Suck it Trebek

      She's plain. You folks have low standards.

      • OhYeah


      • Gabs

        She might be plain in SuperHotBabe-land.
        If even professor Snape can see that , why can't you? Get a check-up!
        She is worth at least 100 points… I agree with Birds and find MOAR! with LESS clothes…

  • http://al-3jeeb.blogspot.com/ الــعــجــيــب

    OMG WTF was that a flying penis ?? now we all fucked

    • hot carl

      this was seriously the coolest thing i have seen all month

      • Master

        Because, yeah, we're at the end of the month.

    • dope

      ya no its a dildo you dumbass! big difference cause penis's don't just fly around breaking cups of milk like dildo's do cept yours cause its a strap on

  • Andre


    Baby got GAP!

    • kevguy

      i imagine she must walk funny.

    • dope

      no baby got fat you stupid ass she's not even hot thats my wife

  • Yates

    #4 I'd wreck that chick…

    • Homeboy

      Find her….

    • mtpuckhead

      I sure hope that "guy" lost a bet of some kind.

    • zman

      Looks like someone beat you to it

    • Shitfaced


    • ssf


    • Joe

      I'd hit it …. with a mack truck

    • dope

      i'll fuck her so hard! you can have seconds bitch

  • zdrake13

    #23 and #47 well done

  • Nick702

    #34 come on just a little bit more. darn

    • tcbb789789

      Who is she and what is this from?

      • Eds

        A few more minutes from this show:

        The girl in the gif shows up at about 1:11. Based on the comments, her name is Virginie Guilhaume.

  • MigraineBoy

    #9 10 points just doesn't cut it.

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