Mini houses made from the junk of others (11 Photos)

Derek Diedricksen has found a practical use for junkyard materials– he makes micro-shelters in his backyard. As disgusting as that may sound the results are quite impressive, really.


  • ballgravy

    Yeah, that seems like a great place to live…..stupid goddamn hipsters and their ridiculous ideas

  • Aegri Mentis

    Yeah, my buddies and I used to do the same thing…IN THE 4TH GRADE!

  • bunedoggle

    Great idea, but I feel one should be able to stand up in a shelter, otherwise it's more of a coffin.

  • MsAnonymous

    Doesn't it get crowded when you're making out with someone?

  • Jeremy Dillon

    It's a little cramped – that's for sure. One other thing that can't be denied about these tiny rooms is how easy and affordable they will be to maintain.

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