This guy….I just….I can’t look away (Video)

Kid lip syncing to ‘Whip It.’ He also manages to serenade a unicorn. Surprisingly great production value. But really, who cares. Look at him….

  • Fernando Martinez Jr.

    He's like 14 and hes been around, Where have you been Chive?

  • kualjo

    There's going to be a whole lot of whipping it in this guy's future.

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    i hate his fucking face..

  • nepster

    Freddie Roach's son?

  • Shane

    You watched it. You can't UNwatch it.

  • Marcos Raffy Vega

    mini Rick Ashley!

  • Shuz

    This is how i picture Kim Jon Il as a child

  • Josh Gorter

    I have an irresistible urge to get some juicy fruit now.

  • acadea

    kid?! he looks more like he's 40

  • Benjiman

    I really don't see what's funny about this at all, literally a thousand other people did this before him but he looks strange so suddenly it's funny

  • sexcessfool

    To quote the great philosopher Stewart Gilligan Griffin: "I think he has that 'Webster disease' or something". Oh no he didn't!

  • Wally

    Why wasn't this the original video for the song?

  • Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

    Kevin Arnold Midget



  • damojag

    It’s a car wreak and I cannot stop looking. This 45 year old woman disguised as a kid with a pedo-freaking-OWL in the background has me petrified

  • Irmantas

    he's maybe famous than me, but he's tard. i can't look at him… 🙂

  • sksl

    DEFINITELY funny for those who can't spell

  • Twin Peaks


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