Would You? (9 Photos)

This is fitness model Tabitha Klausen. Two days ago, I featured her yesterday in the DAR after one of our users asked 'Would You?'. The response was overwhelmingly positive. But over the past couple days, some dissenters sent me a number of the following photos as 'proof that she really wasn't all the hot'. So let's settle this once and for all. Is she scorching hot or is this a little too much?

  • Eric Tannehill


    • Jerry Sienfeld

      i would, just not from behind, that back scares me…

      • Senor Rock

        Yeah, the back shots aren't very attractive. Everything else looks good.

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

      no dude.noooo.

      also, i crazy hungover.
      Two days ago, I featured her yesterday o.0

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Only virgins would say no to her.

      As for the rest of us, we've all slept with worse and she would definitely hike up the 'average'.

      #9 I want to run my tongue up her stomach right now.

      • Andrew


    • eroon

    • Bilbob

      Butter face

    • Jake

      One word TRAMP STAMP!!!

    • Frank's Shirt

      You, sir, are a goddamn liar.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think the question is “Would she want to?” – Because I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to stop her.

  • Anonymous

    She’d ruin me, but without a doubt in my mind.

  • Kris

    I’d have so much fun with her

  • calaman012@yahoo.com

    its not ‘would you’ …its ‘may I please’

  • George

    I would definately work out with her, maybe do some dancing of the horizontal variety.

    • COCO

      Would I do her? Yes, I would. Yes, I will do her.

    • mrwhite2020

      She has to push her breasts in to see her tummy. That's a tick from me. Some body builders don't have breasts, that's just not on. Good show, carry on.

      • tingofbeauty

        There isn't a man on the planet that woudn't… anyone who say's they wouldn't are either lying, or not telling the truth…

    • john dory

      #4 dat asss!!

      • MAC

        dat assssssssssss is beautiful…. just hope she doesn't squeeze too hard. might break ya dick

  • What


    • Sick

      …as long as it is not just after a workout. the more pumped she is, the manlier those arms and shoulders look..

      but after a couple of days not hitting the gym, sure thing

    • Biggus Diccus

      Nice body. I would definitely bang her as long as we don't do doggy style, those shoulders are waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too manly. She's only about a 7 in the face though.

    • hellyeah

      well assuming her woman parts work, and her mouth works why the hell not. decent lookin woman and her boobs are still lookin like boobs!

    • asd

      true. but i don't think she would let me. 😦

    • Flicka

      All of them but #1. The waist/shoulder ratio is funky.

      All the rest are positively lovely.

      • Keith

        There is something wrong with that photo and #8. The outside dimensions of the hips should be the viewed from the back and the front.

  • JohnnyBeerDrinker

    besides the schwarzenegger back………….. yes

  • #4 with an ass like that. I would hit that like a Boss

    Rutherford, NJ

  • lonin

    Yes…She's smokin hot and perfectly in shape without looking like she's done two cycles of steroids. aka has a penis.

    • amvale01
      • lonin

        ya rly

        Every picture of her back posted is of her flexing to show off her muscles. I'd bet they don't look that menacing day to day. Either way, I'd still hit it.

      • Keith

        I could accept her back being flexed, but how do her hip bones disappear?

        I think #8 is the fault of the photographer, not a real representation of her. When you have 3 dozen stunning photos, and 4 weird ones, obviously the fault is the photographer or a manipulator.

    • zzzz

      yes… final answer.

      i like the boobs, they look like a lot of fun

      her back is kinda scary.. but you can always turn her around

    • Hell yes

      If it did I would not care… an enlarged clit could be tons of fun

  • alex

    Smoking hot

  • Christopher Walken

    Beer buzz certainly. Sober not so much

  • will

    yep…she's hot.

  • amanda


  • HankT

    Overall she's built but not in too "manly" of a way so I'd be more than down with it…
    #3 #6 SCORCHING hot…

    • OwnerOfYou

      I agree here… she's also managed to keep her natural big boobs in check, instead of doing so many pec reps that they disappear

    • RandoDude

      deff secsy.. har har

    • Sid

      these two pics are awesome. the rest are almost like from a different, perhaps later and more trained time. At this point here, yes. later, , maybe

  • TalkingMonkey

    Aside from the wideness in the back, I see nothing wrong with any of it.

    • MikeofLA

      Also, for anyone who's not worked out; you get this thing called pump, in which during and immediately following strenuous exercise your muscle get larger and look much bigger than they normally are. I am sure she is also flexing in most of these photos. I would not hesitate to have me some of this.

  • HaterAid

    #6, #7, #9

    These pics make it much more enthusiastic "YES"

  • yea yea

    hell yes!!!

  • Patrick

    yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    "Two days ago, I featured her yesterday"
    How does that work exactly?

    • Mitch

      ….3 days ago?

    • NotaTrap

      Divide by zero….

      • Dub

        NO! Don't!

        • Red

          Too La….

    • erv

      the picture is two days old and it was featured on the dar yesterday

  • Maverick

    yea, i would… that decision was hard to make after seeing that shoulder pic #8, def wouldnt go at her from the back, but she looks good in #9

  • rabidwolf

    shez hot but i am confused!

  • luke

    Look at those tities… of course I would. #6

  • Jack

    In every bikini picture she is popping out from under her top, put that with that little waist and you have one big HELL YES!!!

    Pictures #6 and #8 for reference.

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