Would You? (9 Photos)

This is fitness model Tabitha Klausen. Two days ago, I featured her yesterday in the DAR after one of our users asked 'Would You?'. The response was overwhelmingly positive. But over the past couple days, some dissenters sent me a number of the following photos as 'proof that she really wasn't all the hot'. So let's settle this once and for all. Is she scorching hot or is this a little too much?

  • Chris


  • Andy

    Are we debating this? I'd lick Nutella off each of her abs while she punched me in the face.

  • Pluto Nash

    Yes I would! Repeatedly! She's HOT!!

  • ProvenZer0

    Which ever man says that they would not do her is either:
    A) Lying
    B) Dead
    C) Gay
    D) All of the above

  • Dante

    oh yes…she's amazing..and even if you don't like working out, she would make you fit in no time….;)

  • juan

    why yes i think i "wood"

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Addam-West/505113886 Addam West

    id still do her… gorgeous!!!! wow

  • Ryan

    She's attractive. I think she needs to tone it down on the back and shoulders.

  • MrCjv

    Would I? Um, fuck yes. Dumbass question. These woman are very beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just say that doggy style would be out of the question but from the front she’s smokin’

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Smith-Alexander/100001803136710 Smith Alexander

    I would tap that

  • Thor

    Only from the front. The back is a scary huge!

  • Anonymous

    insertion is a definite

  • zerospace

    Big no from me…. I like my women soft and sexy. It would be like doing a dude. No thanks.

  • Derek

    Let me think… YES! Why is this even a question? This girl is SMOKING hot.

  • Stan

    Yup, and with extreme enthusiasm.

  • eo2

    Being a bull dyke trapped in a mans bod, I prefer much more of a fem. But if she wanted something consentual we would soon see. Who among us would turn down such an opportunity? The worst I have had is better than sitting at a computer….

  • Mindtrapper

    #4 #5 Booty -> check, Titties -> check, Face that doesn't make you want to scratch your eyes out -> check. Hell yes Chive, hell yes.

  • bluewaterbeach

    yes. yes. yes.

  • Daw

    I guess…..I would let her fuck me…?

  • najamesk1

    I would let her sit on my face and punch my head in.
    If she wants a rape fantasy where she is the rapist, i would let her. for both fear of my life, and for the holy shit yes factor

  • mg10

    Not one single photo there disproves the fact that she is scorching hot.

  • Bill


  • Dino-The dinosaur

    Yes from Norway

  • Subetai

    Great body, but still feminine. The weaker, less manly men, may so no, but real men def would do her. The irony here being, she wouldn't be interested in 99% of us, so it would be a moot point! lol

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