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This is fitness model Tabitha Klausen. Two days ago, I featured her yesterday in the DAR after one of our users asked 'Would You?'. The response was overwhelmingly positive. But over the past couple days, some dissenters sent me a number of the following photos as 'proof that she really wasn't all the hot'. So let's settle this once and for all. Is she scorching hot or is this a little too much?

  • Subetai

    Great body, but still feminine. The weaker, less manly men, may so no, but real men def would do her. The irony here being, she wouldn't be interested in 99% of us, so it would be a moot point! lol

  • http://www.projectmason.com sowasred2012

    Her back is a bit scary, but if her front is that good, who cares? Big yes from me.

  • Dee


  • spare201

    Agrees with Gip (On the hood of my wife's car with her in the driver's seat). I would be kinda scared to go down on her though, If you head gets caught in those pliers it could hurt.

  • dont worrie

    yes i would break her put so much cock in that chick shed walk funny for a week

  • Anoa

    She looks great, but the pictures of her the back of her shoulders look really odd (maybe too wide?) But hey, kudos for her on working hard to get that body!

  • Jesse

    Hell yes

  • Bob

    this girl is beautiful. her face, her stomach, her..everything. she is amazing

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffapel Jeff Apel

    Without a moment's hesitation.

  • elbruces

    Sure, why not?

  • Jonathan

    most definitely i would, she is the type that would survive the zombie apocalypse. I wana be on her good side in the best possible way🙂

  • Brenden

    Give me a bag and some beer, Hell yeah!

  • opinionated42

    Fantastic body…..but not hot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allan-Santiago/501236064 Allan Santiago

    yes yes. so she could beat me up, so what. she's sexy.

  • zack

    i would smash

  • Dargo200

    I'd go there every day of the week:)

  • AtomManhattan

    Tits- CHECK.
    Ass- CHECK.
    So, that's a 'yes'.

  • alexandra


  • vakunt


  • Trooperjoe

    Kidding me? Of course! She flexing a good amount of times. She smoking hot.

  • Joshua

    Most of us would tag anything that won’t crawl away. (that’s a yes…. unless she’s a fast crawler)

  • TEN

    I'm a girl and I Say YESS!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Girl crush

    it wouldn't even be me turning lesbian…cuz she could man-handle me…

  • Average Joe

    Not even a second thought!

  • derek

    #2 #4 – if u say no than you're just high

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