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  • Robert

    Sadly, I've been away for the chive for a few days due to a chemistry project. Did anyone ever figure out the name of side boob girl? I'd much rather type that name into google images than organic chem. reactions.

    • Robert


    • Wavien

      Nope, the one who "knows" the photographer has still not said who she is.. Which makes him an asshole. :@

      • forfunone

        check the old posts. she is from russia if that helps. if you can read russian here name is there i think

        • chiver


  • better than sheen

    # 23 no knows your a douche

    • Morgan Freeman

      he shoots, he fails!!

  • Semper

    #49….um…please make it go away 😦

    • Jason Ciotti

      You hit the # number…why? Its so evil…its like asking your killer to your funeral…

    • cheezwizard

      why so serious?

    • gottfried

      looks like she is going through chemo

    • Guest

      Has to be a screenshot from the tv show V, or maybe they do exist

    • dudinka

      A lot of photoshop to turn one true heavenly beauty into a crazy sniff seeking beast.

  • ranD

    chive,why u no have chievettes this week?

    • ranD

      chivettes* even….

    • Lisa

      John needed some vacation time. He got plastered more than a little bit. See pic #27? That's John. (Side LOL@the surprise writing!) Chivette posting will be back next week with some sort of special surprise included.

      I think #23 should be the last pic of the week. 🙂

      • Josh Gorter

        Not only that but we get next week. Did a google search of the other night and it looks like there is going to be some kinda of thechivery store.

    • T-Ruckus



        T-Ruckus, Y U NO USE MEM CORRECTLY?

        • DaddyD

          Y U NO USE E?

    • ranD

      in my own defense i was as high as giraffe ass when i wrote this. AND hadnt looked at the other posts from friday yet… so i wasnt up to speed on johns self demolition. but, aside from Tuesday being pay day at work, im now looking forward to it like christmas morning

  • Semper

    #4 is breathtaking

    • its_forge

      Actually she's so smooshed into that shirt she probably CAN'T take a breath. = )

    • Butters

      kymber lyea (something like that) follow her on twitter. shes only like 4'11". SHOWER TOY!

  • sean

    who is #16?

    • nomnoms

      Lindsay Marie

  • NONU


    • Dagoth Wit

      It's always funnier when you're not.

      • Smithers

        I still down-vote the motherfucker though

    • Jack


    • Dunno

      Achievement unlocked: Bieng rude while failing at failing

  • skunk

    #27 how did he end up in a paddle boat? im confused…

    • MigraineBoy

      That'll teach him to leave us without our weekly Chivettes.

      • Henrik

        Yea, that and surpsise buttsex.

    • Jon

      I'm disappointed, no pictures, no black marker tux, no shaming. You guys are amateurs when it comes to shaming.

      also moar of #46

  • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

    #4 nature can stop now, we made perfect

    • Odysseus

      interesting choice of words for a girl with massive fake boobs

      • ClariseStarling

        perfect choice

  • AlbaGuBrath

    hump day is good day

  • hoovus


    That'll do

    • lonin

      That won't do. I need MOAR

    • AdamBaldick

      Chive please find…

  • JMartin

    #37 – I bet it take a lot of seamen to sail that ship.

    • Maurice James Girvan

      Hilliary Fisher…

    • equalizermax

      If you just notice the ship then I have a bad news for you…

  • hapa_nerd

    #10 correct spelling is too mainstream
    #17 not sure why so many girls find Johnny Depp attractive

    • Ashley Robertson

      You don't know why girls find Johnny attractive? You must not be that girl in your picture

      • hapa_nerd

        He's just not my taste, simple as that.

    • eroticka

      Unless your are a chick or gay, you wouldn't think Johnny Depp is attractive. Although I'll pass when he is made up as some weird character.

  • JMartin

    #23 – If ever I'd eat an ass……..

    • DaddyD

      Try it! You'll like it! Plus it's often the price of getting in that ass …

    • Seven

      till next hump day comes around

    • northerner

      question is, is she wearing a thong there, or is that, um, really, um, er, well, you know, um. never mind…

      • its_forge

        No, she's wearing panties or you'd be able to see more of the shape of her labia.

        • Gabs

          Don't ever use words like "labia" again! Some people…

    • Beldar

      I could just stare at this all day long. All day long.

  • vicrom252

    #21 Im a few thousand feet high with a full bottle of champagne
    better drink my own piss

    • guest

      Exactly what I was thinking when I saw this.

  • Robert Tonoyan
  • jetrome

    #50 Exactly what i said after i saw #49 for the second time this week.

    • A Fan

      Who is that in #49?

  • Josh Gorter

    Anyone else notice that blocks showing the count down for are missing?

  • Terrence

    #24 "Bi-winning"

  • Damien

    #11 A hard days work in an office, don't make me lol. Good choice on the drink and web page though.

    • ABO

      Terrible choice on the drink, actually.

    • gjgjgj

      Also its a poor choice to put ice in your whiskey.

    • Kingblc

      JD is more like a punishment.

  • dadasd


  • DerkaDo

    #26 #30 combine these 2 and then say winning!

    • Seven

      I don't get it…

  • hxhjdksk

    Anyone know who #12 is?

    • Spock

      Alina Vacariu. Google It.

      • blah blah

        i just did and that broad is amazing

    • dean

      she's also romanian… just sayin

  • Mike


  • Crash

    #25 is by Chris Labrenz… a tattoo artist from Edmonton! Lots of other great pieces on his Facebook fan page!

    • Best artist ever!!!


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