• Glenn

    Would you be interested in some Amway vitamins?

    • Lil Jon

      Fuck you guys that "thumbs downed" this one. It's funny.

      • Terry Burke

        eeeh, no it's really not

      • Jak

        If it were funny then it would probably be in the positive. Verdict: Not funny

    • Cake is a Lie

      Chive, I dont know how to submit a video to you guys. I know, im fail. but this video is WINNING
      Prepare to have your mind blow – like the video game Paperboy on acid. BMX to the extreme

      • Wavien

        Woah yeah that is awesome! I love the way he laughed cos the audience cheered at him 😀

        • Cake is a Lie

          i like the part where the dog runs on the track. haha

      • aosux

        Holy Shit! That was amazing

      • tha drizzle

        I can see a new Rad remake with this track as "Hell Track". F.T.W.

  • Daniel

    This will probably taste better anyway….

  • Tee

    Thank god you saved my cheese balls, here's your payment

  • Juan

    House on Fire… Eats Cheese Balls..

  • makers mark

    here, have some crazy

  • Kellen

    Just to get it out of the way…
    Bitches love cheesy poofs.

    Okay, we're done w/ that meme for this post now.

  • realist

    oh cute, your ball dropped

  • parker

    let me put them in your right hand as it appears you don't have a left hand

  • EPoy

    MacGyver's son in training . . .

  • Fisheyes

    And from that day forward, he was known as "Cheeseball"

  • N00b

    Quick, eat these fireballs. They will make you immune to fire!

  • OhBeJoe

    Yeah I was just breast feeding these cheese balls when the dragon appeared out of nowhere.

  • Period Joke

    "Yeah, well, it's that time of the month and my boyfriend forgot to put the dishes away. So, I burned down the house. Want a cookie?"

  • Cake is a Lie


  • Finster

    Firefighter thanked for saving heirloom cheeseballs passed down from generations.

  • Trevor

    I'm selling cheese puffs to raise money for my new Charity "I'll burn your fucking house down"

  • Eagle Scout

    Girl Scout Cheetoes for Sale! Got them while their HOT!!!

  • OhBeJoe

    Shit man do you smell burning?

  • bud

    "oh that fire? yeah i started that fire"

  • Fisheyes

    Fireman Cartman couldn't resist Cheesy Poofs

  • Wolfram

    It's dangerous to go alone!

    Take this!

  • jred

    I know the house is on fire…but remind me again what you are doing out of the kitchen?

    • Terry Burke


    • JONAS


    • Rick


    • Jak

      after that one I don't even feel the need to look at the further pages. well done

      • Daris

        Agreed, I stopped here, well played.

    • jens

      Well played, sir.

    • Jim

      Well done.. Big win

    • Brent

      this one is great i commented befor3e reading this now i feel that i need to delete mine lol

  • Cake is a Lie

    "Billy! You left home without your snacks!"

    • I am Name

      I think that one is damn good.

      • Terry Burke

        good thing it doesn't matter what you think

        • I am Name

          I know. If it truly mattered what I thought this world would have ended long ago.

  • jdwaits

    Cheif- "Why hasn't Lefty charged that damn line yet? We need water!"

  • Marcus

    Firemen love bitches with cheese balls!

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