• Influenza

    Here's some cheese balls since you don't have any or your own to fight the fire!

  • vicrom252

    Heres the first half of your payment
    you'll get the rest when you finish the job

  • paper_touchin

    ..take these, these and these…"oh thank you doctor"..oh i'm not a doctor

  • yup...

    "Oh, balls…"

  • Gharam Han

    "You found Cheese Balls!!!? Oh God it was Chester!! He found out where I live!!"

  • MarcusArelius

    I have a giant collection of man balls. For saving my unicorn collection, you get to have one ball.

  • thechevron

    that's four for the gourd.

  • I.glove

    The fireman could only feel sympathy for the lady who talked of a sunglasses wearing cheetah.

  • Skinz

    "Here's one for your troubles, firefighter. Thanks!"

  • Anonymous

    3 cheeseballs and my number says you didn’t see me here

  • Scotty

    there, i gave you one for each of the men you lost trying to save my antique chandelier.

  • Cam

    Things just haven't been as exciting for firefighters since 9/11.

  • K-Nunz

    Who is this…Guy Montag?

  • Drew

    You dropped a Cheesy Poof. I hope your house burns down.

  • jake

    Pick that up or I'll throw you in

  • maynard

    " Here, this will get that smokey taste out of your mouth."

  • Anonymous


  • Derek

    "Only 1 cheese puff?" Ma'm, would you look at that fire. I am not going back in there without at least 3 cheese puff."

  • Ben

    1 cheese puff for you for running into a fire a whole buttle for me for giving birth!

  • Troy

    Ironmen eat wheetbix, Firemen eat Cheetos….now get back in there and save mu fucking cat.

  • That Guy

    Nobody ever pays me in cheese puffs 😦

  • Diego

    Thanks you so much! How can i ever repay you!

  • Mr. A

    Chesse balls are the SHIT! chive on!

  • K1_

    Testicle fairy

    giving men the balls to do stuff

  • MOB

    Here's you a couple balls since you have none….now go fight that fire lady!!

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