• Bill_More_Ray

    I rushed the fire and stared at death's face just to save this bitch's Cheesy Poofs. Bitches love cheesy poofs.

  • EMI

    I broke the door with my mighty axe and with all my might, I summoned all my strength to carry this bitch through the blazing hell that surrounds me. And all I get are a couple of cheesy poofs in return.

  • matt

    They wanted my cheesy poofs… so i gave them DOOM!

  • Sean Grevy

    Here, have some cheese balls…cheese dick Btw, you didn't happen to start this fire so you could meet me, did you?

  • brett

    Shouldn't you be fighting that fire?

  • Amber Lesley

    I know you guys usually collect money for relief efforts….but when the market crashed I put all my liquidity in CHEESE BALLS… is valueless now anyways RIGHT???

  • mike

    I gave him a cheese ball
    Firemen love cheese balls

  • Rick

    (Girl)So I was thinking, technically this is our second date, hee how romantic…..(Guy)Im just gonna goo walk in this fire……….crackhead

  • Dragor92

    Woman: I feel lucky
    Fireman: that you are very lucky to have made it out in time?
    Woman: no, that i managed to save the cheese puffs, bitches love cheese puffs

  • Adam

    "Ill share my cheese balls with you if you promise not to tell the doctors that I quit taking the special pills and lit my house on fire…"

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