• @Jeffrey__Scott

    She had a lot of balls to distract the Fireman.

  • acourv

    And One for you….And one for you…. And one for you.

  • Bermy

    She said she wanted some salty balls…John was disappointed when she returned.

  • John

    cheezypoofs and fire…let me tell you, this one time at band camp….

  • Rick J. Schlieper

    I gave that bitch cheese balls, bitches love cheese balls..

  • Sandwiches1123

    If you find the black cheese ball, you win…another cheese ball!

  • Jake

    "They're a little burnt, but here you go"

  • Mr. Falcon

    Ma'am, I know this is Wisconsin but cheese is not currency.

  • Scott

    "I warned him not to paint the house yellow, he didn't I would do it. Would you like a few Cheeseballs?"

    • Scott

      "I warned him not to paint the house yellow, he didn't think I would do it. Would you like a few Cheeseballs?"

  • Kevin

    Normally I would reward you with dirty, dirty sex for rescuing me from that fire. But since my husband is standing over there, have some cheese balls instead.

  • Deez Nuts

    Chick – "Want some of my balls?"
    Fireman – "…That's what she said."

    • Deez Nuts

      please excuse my stupidity… i'm extremely high right now and should not be posting anything of importance. thank you

      • DrJTrotter

        Don't worry. You didn't.

  • Daniel Russo


  • John

    The grow-op fire called for special provisions.

  • Dos

    and a few for your friends

  • Matt

    "Don't worry about that one, I have like 12 more barrels in the house"

  • Robert Beck

    They told Billy to put out the fire, but his ADD caught up with him again.

  • Brendan

    I'm gonna give this fire fighter some cheese balls…. Firefighters LOVE cheese balls.

  • Skedaddle

    Mmmmm….barbeque flavor!

  • mike

    You've never heard of Chaos theory? Non-linear equations? Strange attractions. Dr. Sattler I refuse to believe you're not familiar with the concept of attraction.

  • trudy

    excuse me, but your cheeseballs are blocking your tits

  • Rob

    That is one Crafty BITCH! First she burns down your house because you didn't call her back after the most awkward blind date ever, and then she distracts the FireFighters with delicious treats! Crafty but Crazy! Hold on! Could that be Scumbag Steve's sister?

  • llano2

    My bust balances my jar, while I give you these oranges I shrank.

  • RoyceDa59

    here's a $1.25 and go fuck yourself!

  • Anonymous

    “What?… I don’t care if its on fire. Stop handing out these cheesy poofs and get back in the kitchen.”

  • Gehay

    Meet me behind the fire truck and you can put out the fire in my crotch…..

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