• MeisterMon

    Meanwhile… In BurnsVille, Krazy Kelli raises money for a new crackpipe!

  • steven s

    not sure where my children are, but these are their fav.

  • Eric

    Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

  • Ryecrash

    Damn it Wolfram, you stole my line.

  • Racktastic

    Can I have your autograph?

  • Guest

    Keep quiet and I give you all my stash

  • Jdazz

    "I take trick or treating quite seriously ma'am. See your neighbors? Yeah, no porch light."

  • chr

    Meanwhile, in Wisconsin…

  • PelMAN420

    When the time comes, you'll know what to do with it…

  • shane

    You can haz cheezeball

  • llama beans

    It was the then that Glen realized his wife is bat-shit crazy

  • ben

    Cheesballs and porn… Well im half way there!
    Wanna make a movie! Need your number, here is a pen!

  • Raymond

    "Here…Pacman eats them"

  • Shane

    Here's some balls. Now go fight that mean old fire.

  • JayColvin

    How do you like my patented "Ball Dispenser". It dispenses balls to people, like you,who don't have them. Unlike the other firefighters over there who are PUTTING OUT THE FIRE IN MY FUCKING HOUSE.

  • Tarock

    Ever been so high…

  • jhempste

    holy shit! is that a cheese ball dispenser on the bottom

  • Nick C

    Scumbag Jill

    Gives cheeseballs, Sets house on fire

  • trudy

    "Fuck money, this is my donation to the Fluvanna County Rescue."

  • hybridqube

    Here, coat your fingers with some orange fur before you attempt to put out that house fire.

  • Niitsitapi13

    our fierfighters deserve to be paid better than this

  • mith

    Write down your guess and if you guess the right # of Cheesy Balls you win 'em. We'll anounce the winner at next weeks house fire.

  • Karch

    One for you, two hundred for me… one for you, another two hundred for me….


    I'll give that man a cheesepuff.
    Men love cheesepuffs.

  • Brendan

    That house apparently had a lot of pot in it cuz I have some serious munchies.

  • Dan

    "Ehhh.. Can't win 'em all… Got any snacks?"

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