• rpoy70

    "I'll get that bitch some cheeseballs, bitches love cheeseballs"

    "Fire… Y U no put ur self out?"

    "Blah blah blah charlie sheen blah blah blah winning"

    "Some stupid sexual innuendo about balls"

    "And not a single fuck was given that day"

    "Why is she out of the kitchen?"

    "Scumbag wife: Hey can I borrow your lighter, sets house on fire"

    Look at how many original and hilarious captions I came up with!!!!!

    • rpoy70

      Forgot one

      "Every been so angry you set your house on fire"

      There they're all out of the way. Post something original or shut the fuck up.


    This is the new Zesty Flavor with Hot Sauce. Try some.

  • Jbidz215

    just write down how many cheese balls you think are in here.

  • cincyO

    What's a barbecue without cheeseballs!?!

  • slapgrundle

    Clearly the use of an oven is not one of her stong points. Is she bare foot?

  • Chas Smith

    Fuck trident gum, heres a cheesy poof!!

  • jjj

    Charlie Sheen is a hell of a drug

  • hoot'nhollern

    Oh my god! I have all your albums!!! Please sign my cheeseballs.

  • bob

    I inject them with heroine so I feel nothing

  • Shane

    Theeeerrreeee ya go.

  • beeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    That was AMAZING! Will you autograph my cheesy poofs?

  • Jake

    Mayor McCheese charging for 911 calls

  • cross the streams

    Would you like some Faygo with that?

  • Mount Carmel

    Don't worry dude, I saved the drunchies. Man David Koresh throws some wicked parties

  • Grace

    "Oh, my gosh, you're so, like, hot! Not like the hot that comes from like a fire or my easy-bake-oven, I mean like the Justin Beiber kind of hot. Oh my gosh I like SO love him. Isn't he like the most amazing singer of like all time? He should like write a song about cheese puffs! Cheese puffs are like my favorite food in the whole wide world! Oh my gosh, do you like want some? Here's my address! I have like a hundred tubs, so you can definitely have one!"

    "Yeah…about that."

  • tempest

    Thanks anyway for trying to save my children. Here, have a cheese poof, I grabbed 'em on my way out.

  • Bud Andrew

    Fuck yeah, they're the hot ones!!! Try one!

  • jalzate

    Use your sniffing search dogs to find my underwear! Here this is what they smell like!

    • dig it

      hahahha ewwww i hope her snatch doesnt smell like cheesy poofs!

  • Charles

    I'm going to need you to go back in there and get this particular items for me.
    Now I don't recall where I left them.

  • Craig Hobbs

    "Sure, I'd love your number, but what do you mean 'Recently Widowed'"?!



  • Ethan

    With her custom made tape holster, Diane could fulfill her dream of giving cheese balls to the world on foot!

  • Maverick

    Excuse me sir, can you spare a couple of minutes to talk about the plight of the African refugees?

  • Mike Jersey

    "Here, take some of these with you–they're really good if you toast them"

  • sandwich

    thank you for saving my cheesy puffs, nothing else was really worth much in the house, here have some.

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