• Rhannega

    "Too bad they aren't flaming hots"

  • Joel Kim

    I just saved this bitch from a fire

    bitches love getting saved from fire

  • Niudgc

    I'm going to save that bitches some cheezypoofs………….

    Bitches love cheezypoofs

  • Matt J

    The meth lab caught fire when I tried to mix the petroleum distillates with cheese balls

  • @141characters

    "Out of all things you saved the cheese puffs? "

  • Stephen

    "You'll like these, these are the real hot ones!"

  • TheMuscle

    You let it burn, I'll treat you to cheesy puffs, and then that asshole will learn never to put in it the pooper again.

  • Adam Sandler

    "i burned down my house making these home-made cheesy poofs. you better like them"



  • Fat Lizard

    Thats Nature….. One of you has to be the Woman in that Fire House.

  • jay

    this just in: A marijuana grow house has burned down today

  • El Dee

    So you just write your estimate on this piece of paper and whoever guesses closest to the number wins the whole jar

  • Maui B

    Take these and plant them, and a beanstock will grow!!!!

  • Timmeh

    You saved my gumballs!
    Have a pencil!

  • AROD

    Here is two cheezy puffs for your troubles…

  • Ken

    They would not buy my Cheese Balls. So i showed them !

  • Scott Hansen

    "I warned him not to paint the house yellow, he didn't think I would do it.

    Would you like a few Cheeseballs?"

  • Captain Awesome

    Here's a shitty snack for the shitty job your doing!

  • AJR

    Jimmy has always dreamed of being a fireman. This… isn't quite what he had in mind.

  • mental_farts

    " I carry these around because i like cheezy balls…if u know what i mean"

  • Tom

    Try one. Its my one recipe. I call them FIRE BALLS!!!

  • RunDummyRun

    Hey guys! Over here!

  • Beck

    Okay so I was eally curious about this picture. This lady goes around giving out cheesballs?!!?!?!
    she has some vids on youtube. she is called the chesseball chick. apparently she used to have a webpage, but it is no longer in service.

  • Philleferg

    Chivers: No donation too big or too small for the Fluvanna County Rescue Squad

  • Flash

    The only thing that survived the fire on the set of "The Office" was the large container of cheese balls on top of the refrigerator

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