Celebs without their eyebrows are fairly terrifying (29 Photos)

Basically we look like the offspring of an alien and a caveman. Your thoughts?
These disturbing photos via celebuzz

  • http://twitter.com/Patocoyo @Patocoyo

    The Olsen sisters looked like aliens without their everybrows.. And Khadaffi was terryfying…

  • Lee

    Heidi Klum still looks gorgeous@@@

  • mauro

    c'mon justin bieber looks more of a girl than my sister in that picture u.u

  • David

    Wow – very funny. T'was funnier the first time someone did this: HotChicksWithNoEyebrows.com

  • angryman

    Hey some people dont have eye brows as part of a health condition. you dumb MOFO.
    When you lose your F*cking ability to breath you might relate F*ckwit.

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