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As I announced earlier, I'm taking a week off from the Sexy Chivers to take a needed mini-vacation involving massive quantities of alcohol. Our Chivettes will return next week starting with a very special presentation on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend, Chivers.

Chive On,


Photo #2 credit: The great Tim Mckenna

  • Anonymous

    Friday DAR, you are fantastic. Have a great weekend, Chivers!

  • Giggity


  • Kellyoop

    #26 – PBR… cuz you're fancy like that

  • nomyia

    #15 as a woman, I am VERY intimidated.
    #22 so you were stuck behind wolverine.

  • Jason

    # 15
    let me guess…..Pharmaceutical reps?

  • http://www.clockbog.com/ denzino

    #15 sales team in mexico: check

  • Slauter

    Yea, this is WIN. Charlie Sheen style.

  • Hooleyman

    Going to lmfao when #29 Star Wars Girls reveals her penis.

  • JewFro

    #5 when you have a mega yaht the bikini tops are not an option…

  • Hooleyman

    Well that or the 70"2 style porn 'stache she's sporting. #29

  • lfsg

    thanks o'thanks for #25

  • Bryan

    OMG!!!! #18

  • Bryan

    SEXY!!!! #18

  • isawoj

    #26 #27 #28
    See, if you wear a scarf, you will be butt raped.


    • isawoj


      • KalEl24

        nom nom nom

  • http://www.facebook.com/jrusso69 Justin Russo

    #19 and #20
    Where is this enchanting place?!

  • wyatt

    an excellent end to the week!

  • tkc

    John needs a beer fun. PBR? Come on man!

    • tkc


  • steve

    where is #19

  • Steve

    #12 Way to go, you successfully armed a thief with rapist equipment and a mask. You are brilliant.

  • jjungill

    #5 Wally Power 118!! I would take that over any girl 11 times out of 10.

  • Britters

    awww, XP.. the good ol' days. #7

  • Grodon

    #27 LOL, John gets photobombed 😀

  • Samantha

    If you google you will already know what the star wars girl looks like… I’ve already seen her

    • mark

      Y u no share name?!?

    • Lauren Gentile

      Is it Ashley Eckstein? She's the official "Star Wars Girl". I'm curious too!


        Why the mystery?
        Is she important?

        • Lauren Gentile

          Not exactly sure why there's mystery as well, but I'm curious to see if this chick really loves Star Wars or if she's just taking photos in her brother or boyfriend's room. … I'm personally more fond of chicks with curves, but that's just my taste!

          • sswg

            I'm not on google yet, nor am I Ashley Eckstein. I am, however, the owner of all that Star Wars stuff. Promise! Nerds can be sexy.
            And the lack of curves, I can't help 😦 Unless someone wants to buy me a boob job. I mightttt give you a still boxed original SW action figure in exchange. Maybe.

            • Lauren Gentile

              Good for you Missy! Your body doesn't look like that of a 30-something year-old, so I kind of assumed you weren't Ashley…but apparently Samantha has seen you on google? Schhwweirdd! And that's awesome that you dig Star Wars so much! You're certainly a rare (female) breed! 😉

              P.S. Do NOT get a boob job!!! Your boobs are perfect they way they are, in my opinion. What I meant by "curves" was really 'more meat' but I understand metabolisms work in mysterious ways!

              • JAMESJ

                I love to hear that you love Star Wars.
                Nerds can be sexy.
                Thank you.
                No boob job.
                All natural suits you very well.

  • fred

    As long as #18 doesn't start crawling on the ceiling then shes sexy

  • dizzard

    #16 …………
    Oh sorry did you say something (wipes drool from mouth)

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