How does this happen to these cars? (17 Photos)

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  • Jeff

    I would cry is that ferrari f40 was mine

  • -tj-

    i would also cry for that miura #15
    all the e-types(especially#8)
    and astons
    and the GT40 (and the countach in the shadows) #5
    the testarossa in #10

    oh f it, all of them, i would cry like a 40 year old woman drinking gin at a christmas party, find that miura and give her the home she deserves! (that would be my garage, just to avoid any confusion)

    • cymro

      i'd like to add the renault alpine A110, #6

  • def67

    What mondays are not sad enough already?

  • Eddie

    Is #11 a Marcos?

    • Colin

      It's a TVR

      • Eddie

        Ahh, the Cebera or whatever. Thanks Colin.

  • Jimmy

    millions of dollars gone to waste in this thread :(…#10 just needs to e washed and detailed it seems

  • 3mahoney

    Some of those E types are still worth about 10k in their current condition.

  • guest

    Number 1 not and F40 but a replica, number 11 is TVR speed 12

    • Jimmy

      correct..#1 is acutally a pontiac in a f-40 kit car

    • Urewelcome

      Good eye chaps, I was just about to point that out…

  • Thunderlipps

    Where all Corvettes should end up… under a tree in a pasture.

    • Colin

      Coming from a boy who probably drives a v-6 mustang convertable who thinks he's the fastest shit out there

      • Eddie

        Haha, win.

    • Chevy = Crap

      A Corvette is like a cactus, except the prick is on the inside.

      Proof below…

  • Chelios

    makes me cry… 😦

  • @3lementalmagick

    Man. . What a waste..Well, apart from Porsche and Ferrari.. 😉

  • kosmici

    Terribly damaged car 😦

  • pokeman134

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? ON A MONDAY NO LESS?? NOOOOOOO!!!! im gunna go cry in a corner now…

  • therush

    Why the hell did I click on this? I knew it would depress me.

  • Troy Larsen

    this is the problem with rich fuckin assholes

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  • daniel

    5 9 15 n 16, like a bazillion wasted dollars

  • kswets

    a gt 40 DOES NOT deserve that!

  • shane
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