All work and no play? Have some girls with future lower back problems (35 Photos)

  • Wally

    #18 deserves her own posting. Now. I mean it.

  • Ian

    is #24 our favorite one-time jailbait Angie Varona?

  • abysssweet

    #2, # 5 – danise milani

  • ryeguy

    I would have no problem waking up to her
    #17 wife on the other hand may have an issue with it but I'm sure we could work it out, we do have a King sized bed after all

  • Ubel

    #6 #19 !!!

  • RobTheScientist

    I'll have a #34 with a side order of #7 and #17 for dessert, please

  • bmnp

    #3 first class lady

  • Stigma222

    #22 OMG is that a belt i'm in love

  • kswets

    chive, challenging you to find #17 by the end of the week!

  • mpenn

    #17 Outstanding for sure

  • Matthew

    #11. Who is she? Moar pleeze!

  • One_Great_Guy

    checking in to theChive for the first time, and what a page to start on!

  • One_Great_Guy

    #27 could easily be my new best friend. Oh Em Gee!

  • Beeneverywhere

    With a strong, solid showing, #26 wins best pudendum!

  • Always Last


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  • Web Host

    Best post on theChive so far!

  • John Carpenter

    The sexual harassment law and drug law have no religious dogma around them, it's nowheres to be found in the bible that mens asses are to be thrown in jail just because they tell women how beautiful their bosoms and cleavage is. There is no Christian morality in repressive sexual laws or a flawed law having to do with pot and cocaine being illegal, these satanic laws are truly humanistic in nature nad they could not be purged of their secular humanistic nature. Unless we could have a crusade against these two demonic laws enforced for the love of the devils. Women or men being dehumanized by being caged as wild beasts held in captivity in cages as punishment is inhumane for harlotry is not scriptural, thats unbiblical to arrest someone for prostitution.

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